Race Results for Friday 26th August, 2016

Thanks to everyone who came out last night.  It was great to see all those stock buggies and it was the first time a C main has been run on a club night.  Hopefully it’s a sign that everyone is enjoying the class.  The next meet will be on Friday, September 9 but please keep an eye out on the club web site and Facebook page for any news or updates.

Full results can be found here.

1st Lucas Chandler (Q2)
2nd Vaun Van Aspran (TQ)
3rd Mark Cullen (Q3)
4th Corey Van Aspran (Q4)
5th Scott Van Aspran (Q5)
2WD Stock Buggy A
1st Calvin James (TQ)
2nd Jessie Hilder (Q2)
3rd Damien Betts (Q8)
4th Gavin Thompson (Q3)
5th Zoltan Lokos (Q6)
6th Daniel Lokos (Q4)
7th Jade Chandler (Q7)
8th Nathan Clark (Q5)
2WD Stock Buggy B
1st Brady Anthes (Q9)
2nd Callum Mitchell (Q12)
3rd Brad Whitchurch (Q10)
4th Todd Maxfield (Q11)
5th Jarius Holmes (Q15)
6th Justin Harwood (Q13)
7th Alex Cort (Q14)
2WD Stock Buggy C
1st Ben Deavin (Q20)
2nd Aaron Peck (Q18)
3rd Danny Tatnell (Q16)
4th Joel Toon (Q17)
5th Mark Cullun (Q21)
6th Richard Green (Q19)
7th Matthew Chandler (Q22)
2WD Modified Buggy / Stadium Truck
1st Andrew MacKenzie (TQ)
2nd Steve Madziara (Q4)
3rd Justin Strickland (Q2)
4th Mark Rayner (Q3)
5th Brad Whitchurch (Q5) (Stadium Truck)
6th Ian Scott (Q6) (Stadium Truck)
4WD Modified Buggy
1st Damien Betts (Q2)
2nd Daniel Lokos (Q3)
3rd Andrew MacKenzie (Q4)
4th Jessie Hilder (TQ)
5th Gavin Thompson (Q5)
6th Callum Mitchell (Q6)
7th Andrew Green (Q7)
8th Matthew Chandler (Q8)
Short Course Truck
1st Brady Anthes (TQ)
2nd Calvin James (Q2)
3rd Todd Maxfield (Q3)
4th Bill Van Aspran (Q4)
5th Leo Lorenzen (Q7)
6th Aaron Peck (Q8)
7th Alex Cort (Q5)
8th James Atkinson (Q6)
9th Dean Van Aspran (Q9)
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Charge those batteries, glue your tyres on, *cough, cough, Macca*, and lets hit the carpet up for some close as racing!!!!

As always,
Doors open by 5pm
Racing at 7pm

All the normal classes,

  • Stock 2wd
  • Short Course Trucks
  • Novice
  • Stadium Trucks
  • 2wd mod
  • 4wd Mod
  • 4wd Stock

All on offer Friday night,(with classes numbering less then 5 will be combined), there is something for everyone!!!

SEE YOU THERE!!!!!!!!!


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Race Results for August 12, 2016

Full results here.

2wd Stock Buggy A
1st Andrew MacKenzie (TQ)
2nd Jade Chandler (Q3)
3rd Damien Betts (Q2)
4th Daniel Lokos (Q4)
5th Nathan Clark (Q6)
6th Calvin James (Q5)
7th Brad Whitchurch (Q7)
2wd Stock Buggy B
1st Sam Betts (Q8)
2nd Brady Anthes (Q14)
3rd Danny Tatnell (Q9)
4th Gavin Thompson (Q11)
5th Andrew Green (Q10)
6th Josh Weber (Q12)
7th Mark Cullen (Q13)
Stadium Truck / Modified Buggy
1st Steve Madziara (Q3) (2WD Mod)
2nd Daniel Lokos (Q2)
3rd Damien Betts (TQ) (4WD Mod)
4th Brad Whitchurch (Q5)
5th James Atkinson (Q7)
6th Tom West (Q4)
7th Josh Weber (Q6) (2WD Mod)
Novice / 4wd Stock Buggy
1st Gavin Thompson (TQ) (4WD Stock)
2nd Danny Tatnell (Q2) (4WD Stock)
3rd Aaron Peck (Q4)
4th Lucas Chandler (Q3)
5th Ryan Cullen (Q5)
Short Course Truck
1st Calvin James (TQ)
2nd Dean Van Aspran (Q2)
3rd Bill Van Aspran (Q3)
4th Nathan Clark (Q4)
5th Leo Lorenzen (Q6)
6th Tom West (Q5)
7th James Atkinson (Q7)
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Launceston Cup Results 2016

Thank you to all those who attended the 2016 Launceston Cup.  Whether it was as a racer or a spectator, it was great to see everyone there.  Congratulations goes to all who attended and made it the fun weekend it was.

Full results for day 1 can be found here.
Full results for day 2 can be found here.

The next race meet will be this Friday, August 12.

Day 1

2WD Stock Buggy A
1st Brady Anthes            (Q2)
2nd Andrew MacKenzie        (TQ)
3rd Damien Betts            (Q6)
4th Calvin James            (Q3)
5th Jessie Hilder           (Q4)
6th Jade Chandler           (Q7)
7th Cameron Johnson-Pfeiffer(Q10)
8th Zoltan Lokos            (Q5)
9th Justin Strickland       (Q9)
10th Callum Mitchell        (Q8)

2WD Stock Buggy B
1st Alex Court              (Q12)
2nd Daniel Loekoes          (Q11)
3rd Brad Whitchurch         (Q13)
4th Nathan Clark            (Q15)
5th Todd Maxfield           (Q17)
6th Sam Betts               (Q14)
7th Matthew Chandler        (Q16)
8th Justin Harwood          (Q18)
9th Danny Tatnell           (Q19)
10th Andrew Green           (Q20)

2WD Stock Buggy C
1st Gavin Thompson          (Q21)
2nd Richard Green           (Q22)
3rd Joel Toon               (Q24)
4th Jarius Holmes           (Q23)
5th James Atkinson          (Q25)
6th Josh Weber              (Q29)
7th Andrew Eberhardt        (Q26)
8th Ben Deavin              (Q28)
9th Derek Beresford         (Q27)

2WD Modified Buggy
1st Sam Wells               (TQ)
2nd Mark Rayner             (Q3)
3rd Justin Strickland       (Q5)
4th Tim Parsons             (Q7)
5th Jessie Hilder           (Q2)
6th Daniel Loekoes          (Q6)
7th Drew Butcher            (Q8)
8th Leo Lorenzen            (Q10)
9th Justin Harwood          (Q9)
10th Zoltan Lokos           (Q4)

1st Yannie Rettas           (Q3)
2nd Aaron Peck              (TQ)
3rd Andrew Green            (Q2)

Stadium Truck
1st Andrew MacKenzie        (TQ)
2nd Brady Anthes            (Q2)
3rd Calvin James            (Q3)
4th Todd Maxfield           (Q5)
5th Leo Lorenzen            (Q6)
6th Tom West                (Q7)
7th James Atkinson          (Q8)
8th Derek Beresford         (Q9)
9th Drew Butcher            (Q4)

Day 2

Junior Offroad 
1st Yannie Rettas           (TQ)
2nd Lucas Chandler          (Q2)
3rd Callum Green            (Q3)
4th Jenna Harwood           (Q4)

4WD Stock Buggy
1st Drew Butcher            (Q4)
2nd Sam Betts               (Q2)
3rd Gavin Thompson          (Q5)
4th Cameron Johnson-Pfeiffer(TQ)
5th Matthew Chandler        (Q3)
6th Andrew Green            (Q7)
7th Danny Tatnell           (Q6)
8th James Atkinson          (Q8)

Short Course Truck
1st Brady Anthes            (Q3)
2nd Calvin James            (TQ)
3rd Andrew MacKenzie        (Q2)
4th Alex Cort               (Q6)
5th Jade Chandler           (Q4)
6th Leo Lorenzen            (Q5)
7th Tom West                (Q7)
8th Richard Green           (Q8)
9th James Atkinson          (Q9)

4WD Modified Buggy
1st Brady Anthes            (TQ)
2nd Sam Wells               (Q3)
3rd Damien Betts            (Q4)
4th Jessie Hilder           (Q2)
5th Daniel Lokos            (Q5)
6th Zoltan Lokos            (Q6)
7th Cameron Johnson-Pfeiffer(Q8)
8th Justin Harwood          (Q9)
9th Drew Butcher            (Q7)


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2016 Launceston Toyota R/C Cup Update – Final

I promise, this is the last one!!!!

So we have in excess of 80 entries and the weekend is looking like being a great one! Check the main page for who else is entered in your class.

A last minute addition to proceedings will be a 2nd hand sale table just near race control. This will be for race relevant equipment, cars, batteries, radios etc.  Launceston R/C will not be taking responsibility for these items, so leave them there at your own risk, or leave photos and details for people to contact you.

We have had confirmation that Coffee Buzz will be at the cup and is raring to get you your caffeine fix.  However apart from the canteen there will be no food available.

The novice class on Saturday is looking a little light on at this stage, so along side the novice class we will be running a demonstration class of rear motor mount trucks with a maximum of 13.5 turn motors and rtr tyres such as sc10 and blitz trepedors..  There will be no trophies as it is a demonstration class, so drag out your old Blitz, SC10 or T4 and get some extra laps in. Entry will be $10 and to enter either comment on here, facebook or do an entry form with your entry in the notes section.

Any questions, let us know, otherwise see you at practice on Friday night!

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Results from Saturday, July 30

Thank you to all those who attended our Saturday race meet.  Well done to Jemma Harwood and Lucas Chandler, it was great to see the young ones having a go.  Hopefully we can get more kids to our next Saturday meet.  Thanks to Jessie as well for the help with the computer.

Full results can be found here.

Don’t forget next weekend, August 6-7 is the 2016 Launceston R/C Cup.  Everyone is welcome whether you’re a racer or spectator.  There’s sure to be some great racing action.  All the information can be found here.  Hope to see you all there.

Junior Offroad
1st Lucas Chandler  (TQ)
2nd Jenna Harwood   (Q2)

Modified Buggy
1st Jessie Hilder   (TQ)
2nd Daniel Loekoes  (Q2)
3rd Zoltan Lokos    (Q6)
4th Leo Lorenzen    (Q3)
5th Drew Butcher    (Q4)
6th Matthew Chandler(Q5)
2wd Stock Buggy A
1st Andrew MacKenzie(TQ)
2nd Brady Anthes    (Q2)
3rd Jade Chandler   (Q7)
4th Zoltan Lokos    (Q5)
5th Alex Court      (Q9)
6th Calvin James    (Q4)
7th Matthew Chandler(Q6)
8th Callum Mitchell (Q8)
9th Jessie Hilder   (Q3)
10th Danny Tatnell  (Q10)

2wd Stock Buggy B
1st Jamie Jordan    (Q11)
2nd James Atkinson  (Q12)
3rd Jairus Holmes   (Q13)
4th Joel Toon       (Q15)
5th Mark Cullen     (Q14)
6th Justin Harwood  (Q16)

2wd Short Course Truck
1st Calvin James    (TQ)
2nd Nathan Clark    (Q6)
3rd Brady Anthes    (Q2)
4th Bill Van Aspran (Q5)
5th Alex Cort       (Q3)
6th Chris Madziara  (Q4)
7th Tom West        (Q7)
8th Philip Ferguson (Q8)
9th James Atkinson  (Q9)
10th Leo Lorenzen   (Q10)

4WD Stock Buggy / Modified Buggy / Stadium Truck
1st Drew Butcher    (Q2) (Modified Buggy)
2nd Danny Tatnell   (Q3) (4wd Stock Buggy)
3rd Andrew MacKenzie(TQ) (4wd Stock Buggy)
4th Derek Beresford (Q4) (Stadium Truck)
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Results from July 22, 2016

A busy night with both mod classes running and great to see a couple of stadium trucks out on the track.  Full results can be found here.

Don’t forget racing this Saturday.  This is an excellent chance for the kids to get on the track without the late night.  Doors open at 9:00am with racing to start at 10:00am.

For those who haven’t entered the Launceston R/C Cup yet, it’s getting very close now.  All the information and links to entries can be found here.

4WD Stock Buggy / Stadium Truck / Novice
1st Calvin James     (TQ) (Stadium Truck)
2nd Aaron Peck       (Q4) (Novice)
3rd Matthew Chandler (Q6) (4wd Stock)
4th Callum Green     (Q5) (Novice)
5th Derek Beresford  (Q2) (Stadium Truck)
6th Danny Tatnell    (Q3) (4wd Stock)

2WD Stock Buggy A 
1st Brady Anthes     (TQ)
2nd Damien Betts     (Q3)
3rd Chris Madziara   (Q7)
4th Alex Court       (Q6)
5th Zoltan Lokos     (Q5)
6th Daniel Loekoes   (Q4)
7th Andrew MacKenzie (Q2)
8th Matthew Chandler (Q10)
9th Leo Lorenzen     (Q9)
10th Brad Whitchurch (Q8)

2WD Stock Buggy B
1st Callum Mitchell  (Q14)
2nd Sam Betts        (Q13)
3rd James Atkinson   (Q16)
4th Danny Tatnell    (Q12)
5th Todd Maxfield    (Q11)
6th Josh Burrows     (Q17)
7th Joel Toon        (Q19)
8th Justin Harwood   (Q15)
9th Darren Campbell  (Q18)
10th Daniel Aherne   (Q20)

2WD Short Course Truck
1st Calvin James     (TQ)
2nd Jade Chandler    (Q3)
3rd Chris Madziara   (Q2)
4th Alex Court       (Q6)
5th Brad Whitchurch  (Q9)
6th Todd Maxfield    (Q4)
7th Richard Green    (Q7)
8th Tom West         (Q5)
9th James Atkinson   (Q10)
10th Andrew Streeter (Q8)

2WD Modified Buggy
1st Jessie Hilder    (Q2)
2nd Mark Rayner      (TQ)
3rd Justin Strickland(Q3)
4th Drew Butcher     (Q6)
5th Justin Harwood   (Q7)
6th Tim Parsons      (Q5)
7th Steve Madziara   (Q4)

4WD Modified Buggy 
1st Brady Anthes     (TQ)
2nd Sam Wells        (Q2)
3rd Daniel Loekoes   (Q6)
4th Zoltan Lokos     (Q7)
5th Jessie Hilder    (Q4)
6th Mark Rayner      (Q5)
7th Damien Betts     (Q3)
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Media Release – The 6th Annual Launceston Toyota R/C Cup

Following on from a huge 2015 event, Launceston R/C is proud to announce the 2016 Launceston Toyota R/C Cup in conjunction with Launceston Toyota. 2016 once again continues to see interstate interest with entries from as far afield as Queensland and Victoria flying in to compete at this year’s event. With 81 entries to date and climbing it is looking to be a competitive field once again in 2016.

Racing will take place across the entire weekend with practice starting on Friday at 12:00 noon, and racing starting at 9:00am on Saturday and Sunday with doors opening at 7:30am. Different classes will be racing each day with qualifying occurring in the morning, and finals in the afternoon.  Coffee Buzz will be site to cater to those needing a caffeine hit, and racing will go on regardless of the weather because of our indoor track.

Entry for spectators during the event is free, and we invite everybody to come out and have a look at the event at the Uniquely Tasmanian Pavilion at Quercus Park, Carrick.  Take in the atmosphere and enjoy the smallest and most affordable form of motorsport in the country.

2016 has seen a new layout installed which sees high speed sections join tight technical parts of the track to create an environment that is unforgiving to drivers who make mistakes.   We continue to make improvements with more track lighting installed, and new jump frames installed in the lead p to this event.

We would also like to thank our Event Sponsors, Launceston Toyota, Hearns Hobbies, Trophy Traders and Hot Toddys Heater Installs and Rebecca Green & Associates.  Without their help and support this event would be very difficult to continue to hold.

For further information about the event visit our website at  https://launcestonrc.com/2016-launceston-rc-cup/ and for updates see our facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/launcestonrc

If you would like to discuss this more details of the event, you can contact me by email at greeny@richardgreenphotography.com.au or by phone on 0419 872 883.  Attached is a copy of the event poster. Some file images from previous events will be available if needed from Richard Green Photography.

Richard Green
Launceston R/C

launceston cup 2016 poster3

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2016 Launceston Toyota R/C Cup – Update 5

Welcome one and all to another news update from the organisers that bring you the Launceston Toyota R/C Cup.

Firstly, I am going to put the updated cup poster here sowing all of our sponsers, where possible please support them.

launceston cup 2016 poster3

Next some furhter housekeeping.  A reminder to all local drivers, you will need to provide your own pit table for the event.  If you have our own at the track, that is fine.  However the limited extra tables that we have will be allocated to the interstate drivers flying in for the event.

In other news, there will be some Hearn’s Hobbies products available at the track this year, if you are interested in purchasing anything please see Brady Anthes at the Rangatue table.

Entries are currently hovering just over 50, but I know a lot of people who have not entered yet, Classes will start closing for new entries in the coming days, so you need to get them in ASAP!  For those that don;t know the link, here it is once again http://www.emailmeform.com/builder/form/P5s5FEbOYH9k9bc3R74B5.

If you are unsure if I have processed your entry, check the bottom of the event page at 2016 Launceston Toyota R/C Cup

In terms of food, the canteen will be running, and Coffee Buzz will be there for hot drinks, but at this stage there is no food vendors, so make sure yu have something with you.  We will take a short break for lunch during the day.

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  1. RACING THIS FRIDAY 22nd!!! Gonna be an AWESOME night of racing!!
  2. Saturday 30th, EXTRA MEET!!!!! If you are new to the sport, been out for a while, or keen to try it out, this is the day for you!! We have our  junior class for under 13’s, and our Novice class for 14yo’s up, and all our normal classes, we have room for everyone!!
  3. LRC Launceston Toyota CUP is quickly, like REALLY QUICKLY approaching, GET YA ENTRIES IN!! *Remember, as we get close to the Cup, some classes will get full and eventually will need to be cut off for entries.
  4. MEMBERSHIPS are DUE!!! I cant currently place my hands on a link, but we will have copies of the paper work at racing if you have done it yet. AND REMEMBER, from next month, non members will be RESTRICTED to ONE class per night

Pretty sure that is all…… NOW GET BACK TO WORK!!!

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