Next race meet – 20/10/2017

Next race meet – 20/10/2017

Due to the site being unavailable the next race meet is now on Friday, 20/10/2017 NOT on the 27/10/2017 as previously shown on the web site.

Race Results from 13/10/2017.

Full results can be found here.

1st Lucas Chandler (TQ)
2nd Zack Scott (Q2)
3rd Linc Brown (Q3)
4th Steve Enkarra (Q4)
2wd Stock Buggy
1st Chris Madziara (TQ)
2nd Clint Brown (Q2)
3rd Danny Tatnell (Q3)
4th Karl Mould (Q6)
5th Kohen Mould (Q5)
6th Josh Weber (Q4)
7th Yannie Rettas (Q7)
2wd Mod Buggy A
1st Andrew MacKenzie (TQ)
2nd Alex Cort (Q3)
3rd Steve Madziara (Q5)
4th Daniel Lokos (Q2)
5th Jade Chandler (Q4)
6th Callum Mitchell (Q6)
2wd Mod Buggy B
1st Matthew Chandler (Q9)
2nd Calvin James (Q10)
3rd Damien Betts (Q7)
4th Tom West (Q11)
5th Sam Betts (Q12)
6th Brady Anthes (Q8)
4wd Mod Buggy
1st Andrew MacKenzie (TQ)
2nd Damien Betts (Q2)
3rd Clint Brown (Q4)
4th Kohen Mould (Q3)
2wd Short Course
1st Calvin James (TQ)
2nd Alex Cort (Q2)
3rd Tom West (Q4)
4th Jade Chandler (Q3)
5th Chris Madziara (Q5)
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Friday 13th, RACE NIGHT!!!!!!

Morning Ya’ll!!!

Racing is again this Friday night. We open the doors and fire up the PC for another close, action packed night of racing!!!

So, doors open by 5pm

Racing starts at 7pm sharp

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Race Results for September 22, 2017

Unfortunately due to the computer having a hiccup with the Novice and Short Course classes I had to manually work out the results so apologies if they’re not quite right.  All other classes were ok.

The next race meet will be Friday, October 13.

Full results can be found here.

1st Joe Neeson (TQ)
2nd Zack Scott (Q2)
3rd Lucas Chandler (Q3)
4th Wes Burgess (Q4)
5th Linc Brown (Q5)
Short Course Truck
1st Alex Cort (TQ)
2nd Jade Chandler (Q2)
3rd Chris Madziara (Q3)
4th Aaron Burgess (Q5)
5th Derek Beresford (Q4)
6th Joe Neeson (Q6)
2wd Mod Buggy
1st Brady Anthes (TQ)
2nd Andrew MacKenzie (Q2)
3rd Alex Cort (Q7)
4th Daniel Lokos (Q4)
5th Steve Madziara (Q6)
6th Callum Mitchell (Q3)
7th Jade Chandler (Q5)
8th Leo Lorenzen (Q10)
9th Zoltan Lokos (Q8)
10th Matthew Chandler (Q9)
4wd Mod Buggy
1st Andrew MacKenzie (TQ)
2nd Zoltan Lokos (Q3)
3rd Clint Brown (Q4)
4th Richard Green (Q5) (Stadium Truck)
5th Jamie Jordan (Q6) (Stadium Truck)
6th Brady Anthes (Q2)
2wd Stock Buggy
1st Daniel Lokos (TQ)
2nd Clint Brown (Q2)
3rd Daniel Aherne (Q5)
4th Aaron Burgess (Q4)
5th Chris Madziara (Q3)
6th Josh Weber (Q6)
7th Derek Beresford (Q7)
8th Ian Scott (Q8)
9th Mark Cullen (Q9)
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Racing Friday night!!! 22nd

DON’T FORGET!! Racing is on this Friday night!!
As Always,

Doors open by 5pm

Racing to start AFTER the AGM is completed(We’ll make it as quick as possible) 7.30pm ish…



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Next Race Meet and AGM.

Evening all.

Next race meet is booked in for the 22nd of this month. On that race night, the club will be holding our annual AGM. This is in order to elect the committee for the following 12 month, in order to progress the grow the club forward. All positions are available and will be voted on by you, the club members.

The meeting will be held prior to the start of the club meet, and racing will follow right after. We’ll do our best to complete the meeting as quick as possible in order not to eat into the race time too much. We’ll aim to start the meeting at 6.45pm and should be wrapped up by 7.15ish all going to schedule.


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Race Results for 08/09/2017

Full results can be found here.

1st Lucas Chandler (TQ)
2nd Zack Scott (Q2)
3rd Linc Brown (Q4)
4th Callum Green (Q6)
5th Wes Burgess (Q5)
6th Joe Neeson (Q3)
7th Ben Scott (Q7)
2wd Stock Buggy
1st Chris Madziara (TQ)
2nd Danny Tatnell (Q2)
3rd Clint Brown (Q3)
4th Mark Cullen (Q5)
5th Kohen Mould (Q6)
6th Karl Mould (Q8)
7th Aaron Burgess (Q4)
8th Daniel Aherne (Q9)
9th Josh Weber (Q7)
4wd Mod Buggy
1st Andrew MacKenzie (TQ)
2nd Damien Betts (Q2)
3rd Calvin James (Q3)
4th Callum Mitchell (Q4)
5th Kohen Mould (Q6)
6th Andrew Green (Q5)
7th Clint Brown (Q7)
2wd Mod Buggy
1st Andrew MacKenzie (TQ)
2nd Brady Anthes (Q2)
3rd Daniel Lokos (Q3)
4th Steve Madziara (Q4)
5th Alex Cort (Q6)
6th Jade Chandler (Q5)
2wd Short Course
1st Calvin James (Q2)
2nd Jade Chandler (Q4)
3rd Alex Cort (TQ)
4th Callum Mitchell (Q3)
5th James Atkinson (Q6)
6th Aaron Burgess (Q7)
7th Joe Neeson (Q8)
8th Chris Madziara (Q5)
Stadium Truck
1st Damien Betts (Q2)
2nd Brady Anthes (TQ)
3rd Leo Lorenzen (Q3)
4th Richard Green (Q4)
5th James Atkinson (Q5)
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Friday 8th, RACING!!!!!


Yep, after a short rest, we are back to standard racing this Friday night!!

A big thanks to all that raced at the annual Launceston Cup this year, and to all those who can out and watched, and to all involved in running the event, a BIG THANK YOU!!

So, back to normal format,  2x qualifiers and 2x finals, and some awesome close, and action packed RACING!!!

Doors open by 5pm, quick drivers breifing at 6.50pm, wich racing to start at 7pm!!


SEE YOU ALL THERE!!!!!!!!!!!

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Race Results for the 2017 Launceston R/C Cup

The 2017 Launceston R/C Cup has been run and won for another year.  A massive thanks and congratulations goes to everyone that attended this year to make it another great event.

Thank you to our amazing sponsors who supported the event including Launceston Toyota, Metro Hobbies and Rebecca Green & Associates.  Thanks also to the committee and club members who assisted with preparing for and running this year’s event.

A big thanks goes to our mainland visitors Brian Stewart, Nathaniel White, Allister Whelan and from Hobart, Adrian Gray.  We hope you enjoyed your trip and we look forward to seeing you in the future.

Apologies to anyone I might have missed.  Overall results can be found below.

For the full results for day 1 click here.
For the full results for day 2 click here.

Day 1

2wd Modified Buggy A
1st Brady Anthes (TQ)
2nd Calvin James (Q2)
3rd Andrew Mackenzie (Q3)
4th Nathaniel White (Q4)
5th Brian Stewart (Q5)
6th Steve Madziara (Q7)
7th Daniel Lokos (Q6)
2wd Modified Buggy B
1st Jade Chandler (Q9)
2nd Callum Mitchell (Q10)
3rd Damien Betts (Q8)
4th Sam Betts (Q11)
5th Zoltan Lokos (Q12)
6th Leo Lorenzen (Q13)
1st Kohen Mould (TQ)
2nd Zack Scott (Q5)
3rd Callum Betts (Q2)
4th Aaron Burgess (Q3)
5th Lucas Chandler (Q4)
6th Linc Brown (Q6)
7th Wes Burgess (Q7)
Stadium Truck
1st Brady Anthes (TQ)
2nd Andrew Mackenzie (Q2)
3rd Brian Stewart (Q3)
4th Calvin James (Q4)
5th Leo Lorenzen (Q5)
6th Richard Green (Q7)
7th James Atkinson (Q6)
2wd Stock Buggy A
1st Daniel Lokos (Q2)
2nd Alex Cort (TQ)
3rd Chris Madziara (Q3)
4th Matthew Chandler (Q4)
5th Danny Tatnell (Q5)
6th Clint Brown (Q6)
7th Allister Whelan (Q8)
8th Daniel Aherne (Q7)
9th Adrian Gray (Q9)
2wd Stock Buggy B
1st Aaron Burgess (Q10)
2nd Richard Green (Q12)
3rd James Atkinson (Q11)
4th Mark Cullen (Q13)
5th Josh Weber (Q14)
6th Kohen Mould (Q16)
7th Yannie Rettas (Q15)
8th Andrew Eberhardt (Q18)
9th Ian Scott (Q17)

Day 2

4wd Modified Buggy
1st Brady Anthes (TQ)
2nd Nathaniel White (Q2)
3rd Andrew Mackenzie (Q3)
4th Calvin James (Q5)
5th Damien Betts (Q7)
6th Daniel Lokos (Q6)
7th Callum Mitchell (Q8)
8th Zoltan Lokos (Q9)
9th Brian Stewart (Q4)
10th Leo Lorenzen (Q10)
Junior Offroad
1st Kohen Mould (TQ)
2nd Lucas Chandler (Q2)
3rd Zack Scott (Q3)
4th Linc Brown (Q4)
5th Wes Burgess (Q5)
6th Callum Green (Q6)
4wd Stock Buggy
1st Clint Brown (Q2)
2nd Matthew Chandler (Q4)
3rd Zoltan Lokos (TQ)
4th Danny Tatnell (Q3)
5th Karl Mould (Q5)
Short Course Truck A
1st Alex Cort (Q2)
2nd Calvin James (Q3)
3rd Brian Stewart (TQ)
4th Jade Chandler (Q4)
5th Callum Mitchell (Q5)
6th Chris Madziara (Q6)
Short Course Truck B
1st Sam Betts (Q7)
2nd Allister Whelan (Q10)
3rd James Atkinson (Q8)
4th Richard Green (Q9)
5th Aaron Burgess (Q11)
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The Count down is on!!

With the Practice session winding down, thoughts now switch to race day.

Doors open tomorrow (and Sunday) at 7.30am, racing to commerce a little after 9am

With an early start, ya’ll gonna be HUNGRY!!

“Running on Empty” will be beating most of you to the track, and will have your breakfast needs covered!!!!!!

With coffee for $4.50 and Egg and Bacon rolls at $4, all nice and hot ready and waiting for you on arrival!!

They will also be putting on lunch too:
Flat head with chips
Burger with the lot
Ham and Cheese toasties
Salt and Pepper Squid with chips
Salad Rolls
Hot Chips
And so on and so on!!



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2017 Launceston R/C Cup – Update No.5

The days of the Launceston Cup are fast approaching so now is the time to start making preparations.  No.1 Get your entries in NOW!  Classes are filling and in some instances we have stopped taking entries, or have limited spaces remaining.  Check your classes entered here, and you can find the link on how to enter on the same page  Please also make your payments if you have not done so already, again there are instructions on the Cup page.

High Voltage Lipo Batteries

The committee has been asked for clarification if the new 7.6V HV (High Voltage) batteries are allowed.  As per the AARCMCC regulations for Electric Off Rad, section 12, these batteries are allowed, HOWEVER they are only to be charged to 4.2 volts per cell, or a total of 8.4 volts maximum for the battery pack.  This is the same as the ROAR regulations, and spot inspections will be undertaken at the cup to ensure compliance.

What should I do to prepare?

For many drivers this is their first major meet, and if you have any questions most racers are only to willing to help out.  However this excellent article written by past member Scott Guyatt is an excellent document to read, or re familiarise yourself with School of R/C: Preparing for a Major Meeting

Behaviour at the Cup

We expect everybody to behave in a professional manner, and within the rules, be it spectating, marshalling or racing.  If you are unsure of anything, another old article entitled School of R/C: The Ethics of R/C is worth a read.

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