2018 State Title Update 2 – Lilydale Take Away

Launceston RC would like to welcome Lilydale Take Away on board as a class sponsor for the 2018 State Titles.  Lilydale Take Away are sponsoring the Short Course Truck and Stadium Truck Classes so if you are in the area make sure you stop in for your takeaway needs!

Entries are up to 14 people and 26 entries, but there is only 2 weeks left to enter so get your entries in ASAP.  You can find out how on the main page for the 2018 State Titles or directly at https://www.emailmeform.com/builder/form/2h5j4KLEdDlbz7SWifaJP

So get those entries coming in and let’s get racing!


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Race Results for July 20, 2018

Thanks to Zac, Mark and Adrian for making the trip up from Hobart.

Full results can be found here.

1st Zac Davis (TQ)
2nd Zack Scott (Q2)
3rd Linc Brown (Q4)
4th Tony Fisher (Q5)
5th Mark Cullen (Q6)
6th Cody MacKay (Q7)
7th Cameron Neeson (Q3)
2wd Stock Buggy
1st Alex Cort (TQ)
2nd Clint Brown (Q4)
3rd Chris Madziara (Q2)
4th Damien Betts (Q3)
5th Daniel Aherne (Q5)
6th Adrian Gray (Q7)
7th Mark Cullen (Q6)
8th Joe Neeson (Q8)
2wd Mod Buggy
1st Brady Anthes (TQ)
2nd Andrew MacKenzie (Q3)
3rd Callum Mitchell (Q4)
4th Steve Madziara (Q2)
4wd Mod Buggy
1st Brady Anthes (TQ)
2nd Damien Betts (Q2)
3rd Calvin James (Q4)
4th Callum Mitchell (Q3)
5th Mark Davis (Q5)
6th Daniel Aherne (Q6)
Stadium Truck
1st Calvin James (Short Course) (TQ)
2nd Chris Madziara (Short Course) (Q2)
3rd James Atkinson (Q3)
4th Joe Neeson (Q4)
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Race Results for July 6, 2018

Full results can be found here.

2wd Short Course Truck
1st Jade Chandler  (TQ) 
2nd Alex Cort      (Q2) 
3rd Calvin James   (Q4) 
4th Chris Madziara (Q3) 
5th Derek Beresford(Q6) 
6th James Atkinson (Q5) 

1st Zack Scott     (TQ) 
2nd Joe Neeson     (Q2) 
3rd Linc Brown     (Q3) 
4th Cameron Neeson (Q4) 
5th Cody MacKay    (Q6) 
6th Wes Burgess    (Q5) 

2wd Stock Buggy A 
1st Chris Madziara (TQ) 
2nd Jade Chandler  (Q2) 
3rd Callum Mitchell(Q4) 
4th Alex Cort      (Q3) 
5th Tom West       (Q5) 
6th James Atkinson (Q6) 

2wd Stock Buggy B 
1st Clint Brown    (Q7) 
2nd Daniel Hurst   (Q8) 
3rd Daniel Aherne  (Q9) 
4th Zack Scott     (Q11) 
5th Aaron Burgess  (Q10) 

2wd Mod Buggy
1st Brady Anthes   (TQ) 
2nd Steve Madziara (Q2) 
3rd Calvin James   (Q4) (4WD Mod Buggy)
4th Callum Mitchell(Q3) 
5th Tom West       (Q6) (Stadium Truck)
6th Daniel Aherne  (Q5) (4WD Mod Buggy)


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As the fog rolls in, we’ll roll up the doors, and hit the track for another mad cap night of RACING!!!

With the all the normal classes up for grabs, grab a jacket, and come on out for a run!!!

Doors open by 5pm
Drivers Brief at 6.50pm
Racing underway at 7.05pm



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Friday Night RACE NIGHT!!! 6/7/2018

GOOD MORNING RACERS!!!!!(sorry for the delay)

YEP!! Friday night is RACE NIGHT!!! Charge those batteries, and maybe grab a jacket, but the racing will be HOT!!!
With close and precise Stock Buggies, fast and mean Mod Buggies, side wise Short Course and the impressive Novice, there’s something for everyone!!!!!!!!!!

Doors opening by 5pm

Racing starting a 7pm

Light canteen (BBQ T.B.A. Shortly)

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Race Results for June 22, 2018

Full results can be found here.

2wd Stock A 
1st Andrew MacKenzie(TQ) 
2nd Chris Madziara  (Q3) 
3rd Damien Betts    (Q4) 
4th Jade Chandler   (Q2) 
5th Sam Betts       (Q7) 
6th James Atkinson  (Q5) 
7th Clint Brown     (Q6)

2wd Stock B 
1st Daniel Hurst    (Q8) 
2nd Richard Green   (Q9) 
3rd Mark Cullen     (Q10) 
4th Aaron Burgess   (Q11) 
5th Zack Scott      (Q12) 
6th Yannie Rettas   (Q13)

1st Lucas Chandler  (TQ) 
2nd Joe Neeson      (Q2) 
3rd Linc Brown      (Q4) 
4th Callum Green    (Q6) 
5th Wes Burgess     (Q5) 
6th Cameron Neeson  (Q3) 
7th Cody MacKay     (Q7)

2wd Mod 
1st Brady Anthes    (TQ) 
2nd Damien Betts    (Q2) (4WD Mod Buggy)
3rd Steve Madziara  (Q3) 
4th Alex Cort       (Q4) 
5th Chris Madziara  (Q6) (Short Course)
6th Matthew Chandler(Q5) (4WD Stock Buggy)
7th Danny Tatnell   (Q7) (4WD Stock Buggy)


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720 Spin Tassie Titles Offer

720 Spin, our generous sponsors for the AARCMCC Tasmanian Titles have been in contact this week with a special deal for competitors entering the State Titles.


Any racer who has entered the titles is entitled to 10% off Toe and Camber Wheels front and rear sets with freight fixed at $15.

All you need to do is paypal the money to rc@720spin.com.au and email details of the order to the same address.



To be eligible your entry for the titles needs to be on the 2018 AARCMCC State Titles page so get those entries in before you make your order!!!

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Friday 22nd – Racing

Evening Racers!!


Friday night is race night, as we kick off racing for the first time after moving back in.

All the normal classes, at the normal place!!

Doors open by 5pm

Racing starts at 7pm

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2018 State Title Update 1 – Sponsors and Stock Motors

Day 1 and we already have an update for you!

We would like to welcome 720 Spin as a first time sponsor for one of our events. 720 Spin is an Australian company producing a range of setup equipment for 1:10 vehicles including toe and camber gauges, setup wheels and wire organisers. 720 Spin will be sponsoring the 2wd Modified and 4wd Modified classes. Visit their webstore at https://www.720spin.com.au


The other part of tonight’s news is a rule clarificationin regards to the stock class motors.

Because of a number of contributing factors, the stock classes for the 2018 state title will revert to the approved list instead of the control motor that is normally the case. Future state titles hosted by Launceston R/C will revert back to the control motor.

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2018 AARCMCC Tasmanian EP Offroad Titles

Launceston R/C are pleased to announce that in place of our regular Launceston R/C Cup, we will be hosting the AARCMCC state titles.

We are very happy to welcome Proline Australia on board as an event sponsor as well as provider of the control tyres.


We are also pleased to announce that we have secured the services of the Sailor Food Truck to provide food at this years even.

The main event page can be found on this website at https://launcestonrc.com/2018-aarcmcc-tasmanian-electric-off-road-titles/  

You can also find the RC tech thread at https://www.rctech.net/forum/australian-events/1019860-2018-aarcmcc-tasmanian-electric-off-road-titles.html#post15244183

also you can find the facebook event at https://www.facebook.com/events/178247779483500/

So tell your friends, get your entries in (and please your payments before the event as well) and let’s make this our largest event ever!!

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