2023 Campbelltown Hobbies State Title – Update 1

This is our first major update since we broke news of the event, and there is a few things to update you about. Remember you can find all of the details on our event page at https://launcestonrc.com/2023-campbelltown-hobbies-rcra-tasmanian-ep-off-road-championship/

Entries are now open – on a new form

Firstly I have had to change the entry for as the RC Race Pal form simply didn’t allow for enough information to be collected as part of the entry, apologies to those that had already done it, but can you do it again on the new form pretty please. The new form can be found here https://www.emailmeform.com/builder/form/a5uyYdh2gfbwB73

Introducing new Major Sponsor Outsiders RC

The next piece of news is to welcome on board Major Sponsor Outsiders RC who are sponsoring the 2wd Modified Buggy class as well as the 2wd Buggy Junior class, welcome to the event Outsiders RC, and we thank you for your support in making this event happen.


Another major news item is that our raffle which is happening in the lead up to the event has received a major injection of items in the form of donations from new sponsors to the event. Cycology have generously donated 4 bike riding Tshirts, Adams Distillery have donated a bottle of Gin and a bottle of Coffee Liqueur, Toyota Material Handling have donated a variety of items to form prize packs in the raffle, Ian Scott Garden Maintenance has donated a 2 hour yard work voucher and Lorraine Green has donated a hamper of goods. Please make sure you support all of our sponsors for their contributions to the event

Raffle Sponsors

Control Tyres

We have finally confirmed what the control tyres for the event will be through Naming Sponsor Campbelltown Hobbies. For the buggy classes they will be VP Pro tyres available from Campbelltown hobbies on their specially made page here https://www.campbelltownhobbies.com.au/2023-campbelltown-hobbies-tasmanian-state-titles/ . For the truck classes it will be the Schumacher tyres many will have seen used in the past. Unlike past events there will be limits to how many sets you can use, but details are on the event page.

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2023 Campbelltown Hobbies RCRA Tasmanian EP Off-Road Championship

The Launceston R/C Committee is pleased to announce Campbelltown Hobbies as the Naming sponsor for the 2023 Tasmanian EP Off-Road Championship. It is fantastic to have Campbelltown Hobbies on board again for 2023, and even better to have them as our Naming Sponsor.

Whilst not all details of the event have been locked in as yet, we are releasing details as early as possible to allow members time to prepare. As usual we are always seeking further sponsors with Major sponsorships and Class Sponsorships still available. For more details contact Richard at launcestonrc@outlook.com if you, or a business you know, is able to help with sponsorship of this event in a scale and form that can work for any size business.

Further details of the event, as well as entries, can be found at here 2023 Campbelltown Hobbies RCRA Tasmanian EP Off-Road Championship

Tyres are the last detail to lock in which we hope can be finalised within the week.

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Racing Results: 31/03/2023

Ok, so this week i’m a little late posting results, but in my defence things have been hectic coming up to Easter. Numbers were a little lower again, but racing is racing!!!

I would also like to thank all those who stayed behind to help pack up the track and dismantle obstacles, it made a massive difference. A HUGE thankyou to Clint Brown and Andrew Mackenzie, who, along with myself, packed the remainder of the equipment into the container on Saturday. Despite Driday nights push, only carpet made it’s way into the container Friday night, meaning tables, chairs, heaters, fridge, filing cabinet, computers, ropes, bbq, gas bottles and more miscellany were packed into the container by just 3 people. It was a massive job, and kudos to them for getting the job done. Next time more workers would help out a lot.

Congratulations to all drivers, there was some stupendous racing right through the grid all night, and some very close results despite lower numbers for the night overall.

2wd Buggy – Stock

Driver NameA1A2A3Overall
Richard Green (Stadium Truck)1111
Brenton Beechy2222
Derek Beresford3333
Jade Rhodes4444
Peter Haworth5555

4wd Buggy – Stock

Driver NameA1A2A3Overall
Mark Nutting (TQ)1411
Clint Brown2122
Calvin James3243
Karl Mould4334
Andrew Barrett5545
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Club Racing & Working Bee THIS WEEK!!

Yes, charge your batteries, put on some fresh tyres and lets race. Yes, I know in my last post I put details of this weeks racing, but it doesn’t hurt to remind you all.

So, doors open at 6, racing starts at 7. Bring a car, bring 2, bring a mate to drive a 3rd car, but what matters is that you get to the track and RACE!!!!

After racing finishes for the evening there will be some packing up of the track and surrounding equipment, however the main packing up will be on Saturday from 10am. The more hands we have on deck, the faster we will get it done. There is far less work to do this year to pack up because our storage container is now located beside the shed. We are still waiting to hear where we have to put our drivers stand however. So it may only take us a couple of hours to pack if we have enough people to help out.

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Club Racing 31 March 2023

Yes it’s racing, but not this week. We have had a slight change of racing date for a couple of reasons.

  1. If we had raced this Friday the 24th, it would have clashed with the Electric On Road State Titles being held in Hobart by the Southern Tasmania Model Car Club (STMCC) which a number of members are attending. If anybody wanbts to go along and race, or have a look, details are here http://stmcc-hobart.weebly.com/2023-tas-titles.html
  2. We have to be out for Agfest in April, so this makes it 1 less week that we have off from racing because of Agfest.

So as I said, racing starts at 7pm on Friday the 31st of March (NEXT FRIDAY, not this Friday). Doors open at 6 with all of the usual classes happening.

There will be a working bee for packing down the track, but if you have time to spare after racing to help start things packing up, that help would be appreciated.

So be ready to race, but not quite yet 😉

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Racing Results: 10/03/2023

Yes racing was back last Friday, but i’ve only just had a chance to post results as I was away for the long weekend. So let’s fire up these results, remember that despite the strange things the sheets on race night print, of the 3 finals, we add up the results of the 3 races, and drop your WORST result, currently the printouts are dropping the BEST result, which is ….. strange….

Congratulations to all drivers, there was some stupendous racing right through the grid all night, and some very close results despite lower numbers for the night overall.

2wd Buggy – Stock

Driver NameA1A2A3Total
Richard Green2 (95)4 (85)1 (100)195
Lucas Chandler (TQ)4 (85)2 (95) 2 (95)190
Linc Brown5 (80)1 (100) 3 (90)185
Brenton Beechy1 (100)6 (75)5 (80)180 Tiebreak
Faster Race
Derek Beresford3 (90)3 (90)3 (90)180
Jade Rhodes6 (75)5 (80)6 (75) 155
Ian Scott7 (70) 7 (70)7 (70)140

4wd Buggy – Stock

Driver NameA1A2A3Total
Jade “Iceman” Chandler1 (100)1 (100)1 (100)200
Andrew Mackenzie (TQ)2 (95) 2 (95)3 (90)190
Clint Brown3 (90) 3 (90)2 (95)185
Scott Poke4 (85)4 (85) 5 (80)170
Karl Mould5 (80)5 (80)4 (85)165
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Club Racing 10 March 2023

You’ve been waiting for it, asking for it, and now we are ready to give it to you!! That’s right, racing resumes this Friday now that Party in the Paddock has finally moved out of the shed. Yes, you heard that right, this Friday the 10th of March doors open at 6pm, and racing starting at 7pm after a driver briefing.

Firstly there will be some housekeeping before racing can start, there is a bit of mess, dirt and dust, so if you get to the track early, and have a shop vac and an extension cord, the first round will be the group vacuum up junk from the track before the more speedy vehicles can hit the track. So bring a vac, bring your extension cord and help tidy things up before we get the night started in earnest.

All of our usual classes will be on offer including 2wd Buggy Stock, 4wd Buggy Stock, Outlaw and Novice. The weather is cooler so i’d suggest a jacket, not shorts, as well as your cars, transponders and fully charged batteries.

So lets hit the track and GET RACING!

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Track Working Bee – 4 March 2023

After a somewhat prolonged moving out time frame for Party in the Paddock, we can finally get back in to racing, however first we need to reinstate the parts of the track that were packed up for PITP.

So tomorrow there will be a working bee from 3pm tomorrow afternoon (Saturday the 4th of March) to put things back the way we need in order to start racing ASAP. So all hands on deck and it won’t take very long at all, no more than a couple of hours at absolute most. So pitch in, help out and we will see you tomorrow afternoon.

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Club Racing – Friday 27th Jan 2023

Yes it’s time to hit the track once again, and once again Richard is messing around with different ways to enter for racing. This time I am trying out RC Race Pal that STMCC have been using. It has some integrations with liverc, so if you can enter with this to see how it goes i’d appreciate it. Unfortunately there is no Outlaw or Novice classes in there yet, so please enter into 1:10 stadium truck if you fall into one of those classes for now. To check it out visit https://rcracepal.com.au/event_details/1674460007184×436893474670247940

As usual, doors open at 6 with acing to beginning at 7pm. Race fees will be $20 per non member, and $15 for club members. Additional classes are $5 as usual.

We do need to do some packing for Party in the Padock at the end of the race meet, so please hang around afterwards to help 1/2 pack down the shed.

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2023 Club Memberships – Due Now!

Yes our membership fees for 2023 are now due. Membership fees are $50 per person, and $80 for a family. This goes towards paying our insurance, affiliation and more. The other benefit is of course your race night fees.

The first class for a member racing is of course $15, non club member fees of $20 have always been in place, but we have been a little slack in applying them the last few years. However that with recommence this year, even if it is an existing member who has yet to pay their membership. Of course a 2nd class for the evening is $5 and Transponder hire is still $5.

As some of you know, the Party in the Paddock is at Quercus Park at the end of January, as we will have to partially pack down the track for the organisers to use for this event, so if you have time to stay back and help move loose items into the container after racing tonight (the container is now beside the shed) that will be a big help, and an even bigger help will be to help 1/2 pack the shed after the next race meet on the 27th.

See you at racing tonight!

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