2015 Launceston Toyota R/C Cup Results

The 2015 Launceston Toyota R/C Cup has been run and won for the year. Strong entries from interstate and around Tasmania made for some extremely close and entertaining racing.

Thanks goes to all of the sponsors for this year’s event.
Launceston Toyota
Crisp Bros
Hot Toddy’s Heater Installs
Trophy Traders
Automotive IQ
Industrial Galvanizers
McCullochs News ‘N’ Food
Rebecca Green & Associates

A massive thanks also goes to Andrew Green, Matthew Chandler, Damien Betts, Richard Green, Jade Chandler, Justin Harwood, Sam Betts and Sam Wells for the hard work that went into preparing for and running the event. Apologies to anyone who I forgot to mention.

A huge thanks also goes to all of those racers who entered and supported the event, especially those who travelled from the mainland or around the state.  I hope that everyone that attended, enjoyed the weekend.  It was also great to see the juniors out on the track having fun. The club will be looking to run some more race meets at a time that is more friendly to the younger racers.

Day 1 Results

2wd Modified Buggy A
1st Chris Sturdy    (Q2)
2nd Sam Wells       (TQ)
3rd Tim Parsons     (Q3)
4th Ray Munday      (Q4)
5th Justin Strickland (Q6)
6th John Watkins    (Q5)
7th Andrew Selvaggi (Q8)
8th Jessie Hilder   (Q7)

2wd Modified Buggy B
1st Steve Madziara  (Q10)
2nd Cameron Zammit  (Q12)
3rd Ben Hoare       (Q13)
4th Mark Rayner     (Q9)
5th Ashley Peeler   (Q11)
6th Danny Tatnell   (Q15)
7th Leo Lorenzen    (Q14)

2wd Stock Buggy A
1st Andrew          (Q2)
2nd Calvin James    (TQ)
3rd Brady Anthes    (Q3)
4th Damien Betts    (Q5)
5th Jade Chandler   (Q4)
6th Matthew Chandler(Q6)
7th Chris Madziara  (Q8)
8th Stephen Behsmann(Q7)

2wd Stock Buggy B
1st Todd Maxfield   (Q10)
2nd Nathan Clark    (Q11)
3rd Andrew Green    (Q14)
4th Daniel Loekoes  (Q15)
5th Justin Harwood  (Q9)
6th Danny Tatnell   (Q12)
7th Sam Bettz       (Q16)
8th Brad Whitchurch (Q13)

2wd Stock Buggy C
1st Will Haines     (Q18)
2nd Steven Morrison (Q19)
3rd Bailey Tyler    (Q20)
4th Tylar Jenni     (Q21)
5th Max Hoare       (Q23)
6th Richard Green   (Q17)
7th Josh Weber      (Q22)
8th Ian Scott       (Q24)

Stadium Truck A
1st Andrew MacKenzie(TQ)
2nd Calvin James    (Q2)
3rd Todd Maxfield   (Q4)
4th Drew Butcher    (Q3)
5th Jade Chandler   (Q6)
6th Anthony Zammit  (Q5)
7th Leo Lorenzen    (Q8)
8th Justin Harwood  (Q7)

Stadium Truck B
1st James Atkinson  (Q10)
2nd Will Haines     (Q11)
3rd Alex Court      (Q12)
4th Bailey Tyler    (Q14)
5th Matthew Chandler(Q9)
6th Josh Weber      (Q13)
7th Ian Scott       (Q15)

Open SCT
1st Phil Reibel     (TQ)
2nd Bill Van Aspran (Q3)
3rd Marcel Jenni    (Q2)
4th Brayden Jenni   (Q4)
5th Toby Swan       (Q6)
6th James Atkinson  (Q5)

1st Callum Mitchell (TQ)
2nd Alex Court      (Q2)
3rd Josh Burrows    (Q3)
4th Joel Toon       (Q4)

Day 2 Results

Junior Offroad
1st Tylar Jenni     (TQ)
2nd Bailey Tyler    (Q3)
3rd Max Hoare       (Q2)
4th Callum Green    (Q5)
5th Lucas Chandler  (Q4)
6th Jenna Harwood   (Q6)

4WD Modified Buggy A
1st Chris Sturdy    (TQ)
2nd Sam Wells       (Q2)
3rd Andrew Selvaggi (Q3)
4th Justin Strickland (Q4)
5th Ray Munday      (Q7)
6th Tim Parsons     (Q9)
7th John Watkins    (Q5)
8th Cameron Zammit  (Q6)
9th Jessie Hilder   (Q8)

4WD Modified Buggy B
1st Mark Rayner     (Q10)
2nd Ben Hoare       (Q12)
3rd Zoltan Lokos    (Q14)
4th Drew Butcher    (Q13)
5th Daniel Loekoes  (Q15)
6th Leo Lorenzen    (Q16)
7th Ashley Peeler   (Q11)
8th Ben Deavin      (Q17)

Short Course Truck A
1st Calvin James    (Q2)
2nd Cameron Zammit  (TQ)
3rd Brady Anthes    (Q3)
4th Andrew MacKenzie(Q4)
5th Nathan Clark    (Q5)
6th Chris Madziara  (Q6)
7th Leo Lorenzen    (Q7)
8th Sam Bettz       (Q9)
9th Brad Whitchurch (Q8)

Short Course Truck B 
1st Will Haines     (Q11)
2nd Matthew Chandler(Q10)
3rd Danny Tatnell   (Q14)
4th James Atkinson  (Q12)
5th Richard Green   (Q13)
6th Philip Ferguson (Q17)
7th Josh Weber      (Q16)
8th Ben Deavin      (Q15)

4WD Stock Buggy A
1st Andrew          (TQ)
2nd Damien Betts    (Q2)
3rd Phil Reibel     (Q5)
4th Jade Chandler   (Q4)
5th Stephen Behsmann(Q3)
6th Marcel Jenni    (Q7)
7th Brayden Jenni   (Q6)
8th Matthew Chandler(Q8)

4WD Stock Buggy B
1st Danny Tatnell   (Q11)
2nd Steven Morrison (Q10)
3rd Justin Harwood  (Q9)
4th Aaron Tyler     (Q12)

Full timing information can be found at the links below.
Launceston Toyota R/C Cup Day 1
Launceston Toyota R/C Cup Day 2

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