2022 Autumn Race Series – Final Results

Yes the results are finally in for the Autumn Race Series.

A huge congratulations to MARK NUTTING who took the win in both classes by a narrow margin over Andrew Barret who placed 2nd in both classes. In 2wd buggy it was veteran Ian Scott who took the final (3rd) place on the podium, whereas in 4wd the final step of the podium was taken out by Kohan Mould. Congratulations to all drivers who participated.

In all we had 21 different drivers in the 2wd Buggy Stock class, and 13 different drivers in the 4wd Buggy Stock class. In other statistics, of all the drivers only one driver in one class competed in all 6 rounds of the series. A big congratulations to junior drivers Callum Green & Linc Brown who placed 5th and 6th in the 2wd class.

Top 10 results are as follows with full results and points below.

2wd Buggy Stock

  1. Mark Nutting
  2. Andrew Barrett
  3. Ian Scott
  4. Calvin James
  5. Callum Green
  6. Linc Brown
  7. Kohan Mould
  8. Zach Scott
  9. Richard Green
  10. Scot Poke

4wd Buggy Stock

  1. Mark Nutting
  2. Andrew Barrett
  3. Kohan Mould
  4. Calvin James
  5. Jade Chandler
  6. Karl Mould
  7. Richard Green
  8. Clint Brown
  9. Matt Little
  10. Max Burne
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