Here’s our class list. More details in Race Rules. Touring Car, Mini and Micro classes are not being run currently, but the information is retained here should those classes be run once more.

Buggies: 2wd and 4wd 10th scale electric buggies from Tamiya, Kyosho, Team Associated, Team Losi and plenty more. Both classes in stock form are the most popular, and regularly run class at Launceston R/C.

Novice: We welcome anybody with an Electric R/C car, and find a place for you to race, our Novice class is always there for new drivers to hone their skills in whatever vehicle they have. the only exception is that 1:8 scale and larger vehicles are not permitted.

Outlaw: A new category for 2022, this class allows any electric R/C vehicle, 1:10 scale or smaller. The only limits are 2 cell, lipo battery maximum. Power is not limited for motors, nor is tire type, drive type, body type etc. This includes Open 2wd & Open 4wd Buggies, 2wd and 4wd Stadium Trucks, Monster Trucks, Rally Cars, whatever can make its way around the track. Bring it out and give it a crack. This class may often be combined with the Novice class, where this happens it is the responsibility of the presumably experienced Outlaw drivers to give Novice drivers space. When this does not occur the Outlaw driver will be penalised 1 lap automatically. This ruling is unique to the Outlaw class.

Classes run Less Frequently at Launceston R/C

Short Course Trucks: the new rage in EP offroad, trucks like the Traxxas Slash, Team Associated SC10, HPI Blitz, Kyosho Ultima SC, Losi XXX-SX, Venom Gambler and plenty more to come. Our SC class is for 2wd, electric, trucks, with standard motors, or up to 13.5t brushless.  6-cell NiMh or 2sLiPo max and specifically approved tyres.  Draft rules are here on our dedicated SC page.

Stadium Trucks: Bigger than their 2wd buggy bretheren, these are quick, strong, fun and having a resurgence of popularity not seen since the 80’s. Examples include the Associated T4.1 , Team Durango DEST210, Losi 22T and more.

Legacy Classes (No Longer Run at Launceston R/C)

Touring Cars (stopped racing 1/1/2013): 4wd Electric touring cars will be welcome (too many manufacturers to name). Ultimately we’ll split them into Novice and Pro-Stock, but initially all in together.

Minis (stopped racing 1/1/2013): The amazing Tamiya Mini is joined by the HPI Cup Racer in this pint-sized action class. Tamiya Rally cars are also welcome.

Micro: 16th and18th scale EP buggies and trucks…like the Team Associated RC18T and CEN ME16. Whilst we don’t have a dedicated class for these vehicles, they normally slot in with the Novice class as we rarely have any number of them racing.

Check our Rules page for full details on our current classes….but whatever electric powered R/C car you have, bring it down and we’ll find a place for you to race.

If you want to know more about getting started racing with us, and what chassis are suitable – check out our “Getting Started” series for lots more information.