Fergies Betta 2018 AARCMCC Tasmanian Electric Off Road Titles Results Day 2

Thank you to everyone who attended day two of the Fergies Betta 2018 AARCMCC Tasmanian Electric Off Road Titles.  I would also like to take the opportunity to thank our sponsors Fergies Betta Home Living, 720 Spin, Lilydale Take Away and Proline for their support.  Thanks also goes to our mainland visitors Rob, Jon, Lachlan, Mitchell and our southern visitors Adrian, Mark and Isaac.  It was great to have all of you attend and we hope you enjoyed your time here.  Thank you to Fiona on the BBQ and Jenelle for all her marshaling help.  Apologies to anyone I might have forgotten.

Thank you to the committee and Sam for all the work you have put into preparation and assistance during the event.  A special thanks goes to Andrew Green and Damien Betts for all their hard work over the weekend and Richard Green for all the work he put in behind the scenes in the organising of the event.

Congratulations to all entrants.  Full results for day 2 can be found here.

Junior Offroad
1st Zack Scott (TQ)
2nd Lucas Chandler (Q2)
3rd Isaac Davis (Q3)
4th Cody MacKay (Q4)
5th Linc Brown (Q6)
6th Callum Green (Q5)
Short Course
1st Alex Cort (TQ)
2nd Calvin James (Q2)
3rd Jade Chandler (Q4)
4th Chris Madziara (Q5)
5th Tom West (Q7)
6th James Atkinson (Q6)
7th Leo Lorenzen (Q8)
8th Brady Anthes (Q3)
4WD Mod Buggy
1st Brady Anthes (TQ)
2nd Lachlan Donnelly (Q2)
3rd Mitchell Pratt (Q3)
4th Jon Philpott (Q5)
5th Andrew MacKenzie (Q4)
6th Callum Mitchell (Q7)
7th Damien Betts (Q8)
8th Calvin James (Q6)
9th Mark Davis (Q10)
10th Sam Betts (Q9)
4WD Stock Buggy
1st Rob Jones (TQ)
2nd Clint Brown (Q2)
3rd Leo Lorenzen (Q4)
4th Daniel Aherne (Q3)
5th Zack Scott (Q5)
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