Fergies Betta 2018 AARCMCC Tasmanian Electric Off Road Titles Results Day 1

Full results can be found here.

Stadium Truck
1st Leo Lorenzen (Q3)
2nd Adrian Gray (Q4)
3rd James Atkinson (Q2)
4th Anthony Fisher (Q5)
5th Tom West (TQ)
2wd Stock Buggy A
1st Rob Jones (TQ)
2nd Alex Cort (Q3)
3rd Clint Brown (Q2)
4th Chris Madziara (Q5)
5th Jade Chandler (Q4)
6th Matthew Chandler (Q6)
7th Leo Lorenzen (Q9)
8th Tom West (Q8)
9th Richard Green (Q10)
10th Daniel Aherne (Q7)
2wd Stock Buggy B
1st Adrian Gray (Q11)
2nd James Atkinson (Q12)
3rd Andrew Eberhardt (Q14)
4th Yannie Rettas (Q13)
2WD Mod Buggy
1st Brady Anthes (Q2)
2nd Lachlan Donnelly (TQ)
3rd Calvin James (Q3)
4th Jon Philpott (Q6)
5th Mitchell Pratt (Q4)
6th Steve Madziara (Q7)
7th Andrew MacKenzie (Q5)
8th Callum Mitchell (Q10)
9th Damien Betts (Q9)
10th Sam Betts (Q8)
1st Zack Scott (TQ)
2nd Lucas Chandler (Q2)
3rd Anthony Fisher (Q3)
4th Linc Brown (Q4)
5th Cody MacKay (Q5)
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2 Responses to Fergies Betta 2018 AARCMCC Tasmanian Electric Off Road Titles Results Day 1

  1. Dion says:

    I would have really wanted to take the kids but unfortunately the website is poorly designed for newbies
    1. No date of when the day is actually on
    2. No address for where to go. The google maps when I clicked on it doesn’t automatically direct me there and asks for the address.
    3. Is it free for newbies

    • We apologise that you were unable to find details of the dates and times, however the dates and times were on the main page for the event that can be found here. https://launcestonrc.com/2018-aarcmcc-tasmanian-electric-off-road-titles/

      There was a map on the about us page, however it seems to be missing currently. Unfortunately the location is hard to find as it does not have an exact address, and is not directly visible from oaks road. However from the highway it is the 3rd access road to the Quercus Park Site (the road that is usually a service road for Agfest).

      Spectators are free to come and look at any time, as with our regular fortnightly race meets.

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