This is the last meeting before a two month break so if there is anything that you need to collect if you are not helping pack up on the weekend its your last chance.

In regards to packing up we will start Friday night after racing and then start again 10am Saturday to move up to compound. We will need all hands on deck to help with move thank you, what doesn’t get done Saturday will be finished Sunday

As normal gates open at 5pm racing 7pm

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RACING FRIDAY 12/03/2021

Hi Every body we are back this Friday night this will be our second last meeting before we have to pack up for AGFEST so don’t be shy if you want to get some racing in before the break.

Talking about AGFEST the week end of the 27th/28th we will be required to move out so we will need as many volunteers to help with this. It is a large job to under take when it is only a couple of people so if you can pencil this week end in to help the club would be greatly appreciated.

If people have tables, lights at the track could you please take them home after racing Friday 12th or 26th this will help with room in the container.

see you all Friday

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Another top night great drive by Calvin James turning up late for start of meeting only to take out 2wd and 4wd, keep that up there will be late entry penalties applied (joke).

Young Mike Mackenzie a prodigy from the South has quickly picked up the off road discipline only racing up North for a handful of events he is moving to the top very quickly well done.

Also the great Andrew Mackenzie has made a return to LRC after what seemed like a long hiatus, a man who is not to be taken lightly on the track, a quiet man off the track but makes himself heard on it. Just never looses his touch.

Only negative as far as racing went was me with some timing issues and marshalling was down a bit from last meeting other than that well done every body

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Its on again this Friday the 26th, Jade will have BBQ fired up and don’t forget the club has caps for sale so if you interested make sure you catch up with Clint at the track to place an order

As always gates open 5pm and racing 7pm see you all there

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Another great turn out Friday with exciting racing to go with it, like to say well done to all drivers for being prompt with marshalling so the night ran smoothly and finished in good time.

See you all again on the 26th

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Racing this Friday gates open 5pm and racing starts 7pm

Could people please report to race control as soon as you arrive and register please

This is to help get the night underway on time.

Also memberships are due

See you there

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WHAT a top turn out for the first meeting of the year 35 entries, I hope this is a good singe of things to come.

Would like to welcome some new faces Jayden Harback, Doug Jones and Matt Little, also good to see some old faces again with Andrew Mackenzie and Ian Scott.

The new lay out although looking difficult at first glance reports were all positive by the end of the night. The track made for some close racing with many different line choices being tried to gain an advantage.

The new qualifying method fastest three consecutive laps is also proving to mix things up and make things interesting. I mean how hard is it to do three fast laps in a row 🤔 😂😂

Any way I think the main thing is every one had a great time hope to see you all again in two weeks and dont forget club memberships are due now.

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2020 AGM & Race Meet – 29 January 2021

This post serves as notice to members of Launceston R/C Inc that the AGM for 2020 is belatedly being held on January 29, 2021.

The meeting will begin at 7pm sharp and all things going well should only take 30 minutes. If you would like to be a member of the committee please remember that you need to be a financial member, and be nominated and seconded by other financial members.  If you have any ideas, suggestions or want to help out, please make yourself heard at the meeting.

Following the meeting, racing will resume for the year. As usual doors will open around 6pm, with racing usually finished at 10:30 approximately.

The committee looks forward to seeing new and old faces alike, see you Friday.

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Are you ready for a new year of racing, we have a new lay out to start the year so should be interesting.

Remember membership fees are due

doors open 5pm racing 7pm

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Ok the year is all but over, as with every one it has been a tuff year so I would like to thank all members and nonmembers who have supported the club the past year.

Like I always say the club is its members and their continued support “THANK YOU

I would like to thank all those that have shown me personally their appreciation for the time I have put in to the club, I have been very lucky to have a great group of guys, but I don’t do it all myself so I would like to say a special thanks to

Richard Green this guy does an amazing job behind the scenes with out this guy there really would not be a club. He handles all the stuff every one doesn’t want to do

Jade Chandler, he continues to show his commitment with doing BBQ and cleaning and also working with Andrew Mac with finances

Andrew Makenzie although we haven’t seen him as much as we would like he still plays a continued part in the club as treasurer

Bradey Anthes, his support in the club working on getting tires for the club

NOW to these people who I would like to give a massive thanks and I think the most important for our club Ben Scott and Bradey Anthes, I dont know how many times I have heard people say new or old members that one of these guys have gone out of there way on race night to help them. I know every one at the club is happy to help any one and thank you but for me these guys deserve a pat on the back THANK YOU GUYS

OK thats my Xmas rant I hope every one has a safe and Merry Christmas and Happy new year and hope to see you all next year 29th January 2021

results below

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