IMPORTANT – Stock Motor Survey from AARCMCC

For RCRA (Formerly AARCMCC) events in the last couple of years, it has been a requirement that you run a control motor for 2wd and 4wd stock buggy.  We were lucky enough to get an exemption from this for this year’s state title, but we will not be able to for 2019 onward so this survey is VERY IMPORTANT.

RCRA are asking the clubs to vote on the matter, so the committee wants to know your views on the matter. Please see below what is being proposed.  We will post a survey on the facebook page for feedback as well as discussing the matter at the AGM in coming weeks.

The EP Offroad section has been running control motors in 17.5 Stock class since 2018. Following the EP Offroad drivers survey split results, the section committee feels it worthwhile to reach out to clubs to determine the type of stock motors to be used for the 2019 racing season and beyond.

The current control motor has created negatives and positives depending on your preferences even to the extent the drivers survey results were approx 50/50 split between those who like and those who don’t.

Implementation of the control motor has seen some of the closest racing in stock in a long time and a performance parity between cars on track. From all accounts 2WD Stock with the current control motor has an acceptable performance but 4WD Stock needs more performance. Negatives could include the performance of the motor is lacking for 4WD stock and the actual driving in 4WD stock is not as much fun with the current motor and lack of tuning available to the individual racer.

Now we’ve had two years running a control motor, it’s best to go back to clubs to decide if we continue this path or change direction for 2019 racing season.

Some racers and clubs wish to move to 13.5 ROAR approved motors of their choice in 4WD stock, some racers and clubs want to go back to using 17.5 ROAR approved motor of choice and some racers and clubs like and want to use control motors.

Option to Add a 13.5 4WD Class
One option we would like to propose in this vote is adding a 13.5 4WD “Super Stock” ROAR/BRCA approved open motor class and continue with 17.5 control motors for 4WD and 2WD Stock. We feel this is worth consideration by clubs and racers as the survey results show racers in different states and clubs have different preferences. This may be a way to have an option for those in either camp.

If clubs choose to continue with one of the below options that has control motor the committee will approach market for a high performance next gen control motor with adjustable timing. We feel this would provide the performance boost people are looking for.

The EP Offroad committee want to clubs to choose the direction of stock motors for 2019 and beyond

The options we would like your club to consider a vote on are:

A: Control Motor for 2WD and 4WD stock – 17.5 adjustable timing next gen control motor

Continue with a 17.5 control motor for 2019 and beyond in 2WD and 4WD Stock – if this option is voted in, a new approach to market for a 17.5 open timing motor will be conducted in a tender style process and the motor with the best performance v price will be chosen for use for 2019 and 2020.

2WD and 4WD Stock 17.5 Control Motor – adjustable timing motor


B: Add 13.5 4WD Super Stock open ROAR approved motor class and Control Motor 2WD / 4WD Stock – 17.5 adjustable timing next gen control motor classes

This option adds a 13.5 4WD class to the racing schedule and provides for those who want 13.5 4WD class with motors of choice and those who want the 17.5 control motor concept to remain.

2WD and 4WD Stock 17.5 Control Motor – adjustable timing next gen control motor as per A

4WD Super stock – 13.5 ROAR/BRCA approved motor of drivers choice


C: 17.5 ROAR/BRCA approved motors for 2WD and 4WD Stock

Bring the rules back to the way they were before the control motor was implemented in 2017.

17.5 ROAR/BRCA approved motors open for drivers choice


D: 13.5 4WD ROAR/BRCA and 17.5 2WD ROAR/BRCA approved motors

Change the 4WD stock class from 17.5 to 13.5 ROAR/BRCA approved motors of drivers choice

17.5 2WD ROAR/BRCA approved motors

13.5 4WD ROAR/BRCA approved motors


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BACK to Regularly Scheduled Program  


YEP, we’re back to normal this week, with RACING THIS FRIDAY NIGHT 31st of August!!!!

All the fav classes are up for grabs!!

Door opens by 5-pm

Racing starts 7-pm



1) – AGM

This years AGM will be held BEFORE the meeting on the Friday the 14th. This is for current finance members, with all positions on the committee up for grabs. Ever thought you would like  to do more for the club?? Come on board!! Either in and position or as a general committee member, we’d love to have you on board!!

We’ll hold the meeting as quick as possible in order to get racing underway asap.

2) – POINTS SERIES!!!!!!!

LRC Stock Buggy series(2wd/4wd)

  1. 7 meetings from 14th September to 7th December
  2. Control tyre PL Pyramids on rear only (4wd included)
  3. Blinky ESC and 17.5 turn motor
  4. Points system…. 100 points for 1st and count down
  5. Points will only be allocated to cars running controlled tyre for entire meeting and coincide with finishing position
  6. If car finishes first without control tyre and car in second has control tyre, they only get 99 points and so on
  7. Cars will have to be scrutineer-ed before every race, (qualifiers and finals) to check tyres
  8. BONUS POINTS…. the number of entries for each night will go into a hat the car/person will receive a bonus 5 points, IF this goes to a person not on control tyre, the points are lost.
  9. 1 2 3 place 2wd and 4wd will receive trophy
  10. There is no commitment to run control tyre and will not stop any one from competing in the class.
  11. Tyres are available for sale from the club
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Fergies Betta 2018 AARCMCC Tasmanian Electric Off Road Titles Results Day 2

Thank you to everyone who attended day two of the Fergies Betta 2018 AARCMCC Tasmanian Electric Off Road Titles.  I would also like to take the opportunity to thank our sponsors Fergies Betta Home Living, 720 Spin, Lilydale Take Away and Proline for their support.  Thanks also goes to our mainland visitors Rob, Jon, Lachlan, Mitchell and our southern visitors Adrian, Mark and Isaac.  It was great to have all of you attend and we hope you enjoyed your time here.  Thank you to Fiona on the BBQ and Jenelle for all her marshaling help.  Apologies to anyone I might have forgotten.

Thank you to the committee and Sam for all the work you have put into preparation and assistance during the event.  A special thanks goes to Andrew Green and Damien Betts for all their hard work over the weekend and Richard Green for all the work he put in behind the scenes in the organising of the event.

Congratulations to all entrants.  Full results for day 2 can be found here.

Junior Offroad
1st Zack Scott (TQ)
2nd Lucas Chandler (Q2)
3rd Isaac Davis (Q3)
4th Cody MacKay (Q4)
5th Linc Brown (Q6)
6th Callum Green (Q5)
Short Course
1st Alex Cort (TQ)
2nd Calvin James (Q2)
3rd Jade Chandler (Q4)
4th Chris Madziara (Q5)
5th Tom West (Q7)
6th James Atkinson (Q6)
7th Leo Lorenzen (Q8)
8th Brady Anthes (Q3)
4WD Mod Buggy
1st Brady Anthes (TQ)
2nd Lachlan Donnelly (Q2)
3rd Mitchell Pratt (Q3)
4th Jon Philpott (Q5)
5th Andrew MacKenzie (Q4)
6th Callum Mitchell (Q7)
7th Damien Betts (Q8)
8th Calvin James (Q6)
9th Mark Davis (Q10)
10th Sam Betts (Q9)
4WD Stock Buggy
1st Rob Jones (TQ)
2nd Clint Brown (Q2)
3rd Leo Lorenzen (Q4)
4th Daniel Aherne (Q3)
5th Zack Scott (Q5)
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Fergies Betta 2018 AARCMCC Tasmanian Electric Off Road Titles Results Day 1

Full results can be found here.

Stadium Truck
1st Leo Lorenzen (Q3)
2nd Adrian Gray (Q4)
3rd James Atkinson (Q2)
4th Anthony Fisher (Q5)
5th Tom West (TQ)
2wd Stock Buggy A
1st Rob Jones (TQ)
2nd Alex Cort (Q3)
3rd Clint Brown (Q2)
4th Chris Madziara (Q5)
5th Jade Chandler (Q4)
6th Matthew Chandler (Q6)
7th Leo Lorenzen (Q9)
8th Tom West (Q8)
9th Richard Green (Q10)
10th Daniel Aherne (Q7)
2wd Stock Buggy B
1st Adrian Gray (Q11)
2nd James Atkinson (Q12)
3rd Andrew Eberhardt (Q14)
4th Yannie Rettas (Q13)
2WD Mod Buggy
1st Brady Anthes (Q2)
2nd Lachlan Donnelly (TQ)
3rd Calvin James (Q3)
4th Jon Philpott (Q6)
5th Mitchell Pratt (Q4)
6th Steve Madziara (Q7)
7th Andrew MacKenzie (Q5)
8th Callum Mitchell (Q10)
9th Damien Betts (Q9)
10th Sam Betts (Q8)
1st Zack Scott (TQ)
2nd Lucas Chandler (Q2)
3rd Anthony Fisher (Q3)
4th Linc Brown (Q4)
5th Cody MacKay (Q5)
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GOOD MORNING RACERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They days are racing away, as we draw ever so close to race day for the…….

Fergies Betta 2018 AARCMCC Tasmanian Electric Off Road Titles!!!!

A little house keeping first…

  • Entries are NOW CLOSED
  • PAYMENTS are to be made ASAP, as tyres can not be released to the racer till that is done.


Friday will see the doors up, and everything is a GO!!!!

  • Friday – 10:00 am to 9:00 pm, Practice Session
  • Saturday -7:30 am open, 8:00 controlled practice, 8.45 drivers briefing, 9.10am racing starts. 30 minute Lunch at Approx 1 pm. Finish approx 3:40pm with Trophies for class winners.
  • Sunday – 7:30 am open, 8:00 controlled practice, 8.45 driver’s briefing, 9.10am racing starts. 30 minute Lunch at Approx 1 pm. Finish approx 3:40 pm with Trophies for class winners.


For those visiting the track for the first time, the gate to get in is the THIRD gate to the site. Follow the gravel road all the way up to the shed, you cant miss it….. its a great big tin shed!!!!


All parking for the event is behind the shed. Drive past the shed, and then a hard left at the end of the shed.

Unloading of vehicles is fine near the roller door, but then please move your cars off to the parking spots to allow others to unload.



Rain, hail, wind, or sun, we’ll be at it!!!

Launceston Rc would like to thank all those who have entered, and GREATLY look forward to hosting this event for everyone to enjoy!!! We hope you all have a blast!!!!

Look forward to see you all there!!!!!

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Race Results for August 3

Full results can be found here.

Don’t forget to get those entries in for the Fergies Betta 2018 AARCMCC Tasmanian Electric Off Road Titles.  All information about the event can be found here.

1st   Zack Scott       (Q5)
2nd   Anthony Fisher   (TQ)
3rd   Linc Brown       (Q4)
4th   Nick Cerjanac    (Q7)
5th   Joe Neeson       (Q3)
6th   Cody MacKay      (Q8)
7th   Lucas Chandler   (Q2)
8th   Cameron Neeson   (Q6)

2wd Short Course Truck
1st   Brady Anthes     (TQ)(2wd Mod Buggy)
2nd   Jade Chandler    (Q3)
3rd   Alex Cort        (Q2)
4th   Calvin James     (Q6)
5th   Leo Lorenzen     (Q8)
6th   Steve Madziara   (Q4)
7th   Chris Madziara   (Q5)
8th   James Atkinson   (Q7)

4wd Mod Buggy
1st   Brady Anthes     (TQ)
2nd   Andrew MacKenzie (Q2)
3rd   Calvin James     (Q5)
4th   Daniel Aherne    (Q6)
5th   Damien Betts     (Q3)
6th   Callum Mitchell  (Q4)

2wd Stock Buggy A
1st   Chris Madziara   (Q2)
2nd   Clint Brown      (Q3)
3rd   Alex Cort        (Q4)
4th   Jade Chandler    (TQ)
5th   Sam Betts        (Q7)
6th   Damien Betts     (Q6)
7th   Matthew Chandler (Q5)

2wd Stock Buggy B
1st   Richard Green    (Q9)
2nd   Zack Scott       (Q11)
3rd   Daniel Aherne    (Q12)
4th   Yannie Rettas    (Q13)
5th   James Atkinson   (Q8)
6th   Callum Mitchell  (Q10)
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Our tyres for the titles have arrived in AUSTRALIA!!!! But the bad news is that the 2WD Front wedges that where on order have NOT arrived due to apparently being DISCONTINUED by Proline.

Wide Wedges have added to our order buy the supplier with a limited number, with the per-orders getting filled first.

The draw back to this is that the wide wedges require a full front wheel to suit.

If anyone has issues finding rims to suit, please reach out to the club asap.

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2018 State Title Update 4 – 2 weeks to go!

Believe it or not we are just two weeks out from our first ever Tasmanian State Titles sponsored this year by the generous support from our naming sponsor Fergies Betta.

Entries continue to roll in, but if you plan on racing we need your entry form in no later than 1 week from today, so get your forms in to is via the online form at  .  Not sure if we have your entry, then check the bottom of the event page .

For those of you new to major race meets, we have a great article written by Scott Guyatt some years ago entitled Preparing for a Major Meeting and while it relates to an On Road race, many of the principals are the same preparing for an off road meet.

Whilst your behaviour is always expected to be of the highest standard, we do have a code of ethics that we expect people to abide by, more details can be found on the Code of Ethics page.

Marshalling is always a part of race meets, and it is all the more important at a state title.  We even have an article about Marshalling that you can read over here to refresh your memory.  Remember you MUST marshal the race after your own, and being a state title penalties will be applied to people who do not marshal, or find a suitable replacement marshal.

Being a state title many rules are more strictly adhered to such as placing your cars on the scruitineering table after your race, not taking them back to the pits, as well as things like charging in suitable fireproof containers for lipo battery charging.  If you are unsure about any of the rules or regulations, please seek out a committee member either tonight, at the titles meet, or via the facebook page or group.

However overall, we expect you to have fun racing in our chosen sports state championship !

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Racing Friday 3rd


First off, Welcome on board to the new batch of sponsors for the State Titles. GREAT to have you on board!!!
Entries are rolling in, make sure you get your entries in!!! Don’t let the phrase  “State Title” put you off!!!! This is just a BIG version of Our Launnie Cup!! Gotta be in it to win it!!



SO!! Racing is on THIS Friday night, leaving not long to get everything sorted on your car before the Titles!! COME GET SOME TRACK TIME!!!!!!!

Doors opened by 5pm

Racing at 7pm

P.S Memberships are now DUE!! I will make sure there are forms at race control for everyone


SEE YOU ALL THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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2018 State Title Update 3 – Welcoming Fergies Betta

Launceston R/C is pleased to welcome Fergies Betta Launceston on board as naming sponsor for the Fergies Betta 2018 AARCMCC Tasmanian Electric Off Road Titles.


A huge shout out to the team at Fergies Betta for supporting our local event.  Make sure you show your thanks and support by heading over to their facebook page and liking it, find it at .  Also head in for all your appliance needs as well of course!

37653792_447400622391236_6452772235743592448_nWe are also excited to announce that Little Red Coffee will be attending Friday Practice as well as on Saturday and Sunday to provide the caffene fix that many of you need.  again hit up their facebook at

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