Racing this Friday night doors open 5pm racing 7pm

Just a reminder also the Tasmania Truck Show is on the 9th February, this is a good opportunity to show the club off to the public. This will be run as race meeting just on a shorter layout if numbers permit. If any LRC members have a spare car they are happy for people to try out that would be great.

Hope to see you all Friday

And don’t forget to get your entries in for Tas on road titlesPicture


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Hi every body hope every one is ready for a new year of racing below are the dates for start of year and as you will see from June we will start one meeting on a Friday and the next on a Sunday this will be on a trial basis to try and accommodate as many people as possible. Dates for October to the end of year will be posted after committee meeting in September .

Also don’t forget the Tas on-road titles in Hobart details can be found here and on fb

2020 Dates Launceston Rc

Friday 17th Jan                                                                                                                                   Friday 31st Jan

Sunday 9th Feb Tasmania Truck Show                                                                                               Friday 14th Feb                                                                                                                                   Friday 28th Feb

Friday 13th Mar                                                                                                                              Friday 27th Mar

April and May Closed for AGFEST

Friday 5th Jun                                                                                                                                Sunday 21st Jun 

Friday 3rd Jul                                                                                                                            Sunday 19th Jul                                                                                                                                    Friday 31st Jul

Sunday 16th Aug           August dates may change due to Launceston cup                                Friday 28th Aug

Sunday 13th Sep                                                                                                                          Friday 25th Sep

October to December dates will be posted after committee meeting in September


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Results 6/12/19

Ok last night seen some great racing, a lot of the juniors are showing great skills and racing etiquette great job guys

results below

Like to welcome 2 more new faces out to LRC Jordan Dane and Liam Allen hope to see you in the new year, also like to thank Mark + Isaac Davis / Anthony + Jaimee Fisher for making the trip from afar for the last meeting well done guys.

Dates for next year have not been finalised as yet so keep an eye on the web site and good old Face Book for the start of next year.

On behalf of LRC wish every body a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

see you in 2020

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Sorry for the late post we had a paperwork issue which has now been sorted so Friday is ago.

Door open 5pm racing 7pm so if you can spread the word we are up and running would be great.

This is the last meeting for the year so if you want to catch up with people before X-mas this is the time to do it. Lets finish the year with a stacked meeting of old and new faces,

Would also like to thank all those involved over the past year for keeping LRC up and running BIG THANK YOU to the LRC members with out you there is no us and THANK YOU to all LRC committee members both past and present.

May you and your families have a happy and safe Christmas and Happy New Year

Hope to see you all at the track

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Friday results


Ok results are in you will find them at Liverc

Also like to welcome some new people Conner Bidwell junior and Troy Richards Novice

Also the last meeting will be FRIDAY 6TH DECEMBER 5pm doors open racing 7pm

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Racing this Friday night doors open 5pm racing 7pm

Depending on numbers this may well be the last for the year this will be talked about on Friday night.

See you Friday

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Hi every body racing this Friday, as usual doors open 5pm racing start at 7pm

Hope to see some regular faces back this week

Canteen, BBQ and hot drinks will be going thanks to Jade and Ben and a reminder the club still have tiers for sale

see you all Friday night

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Hi Everybody just a reminder racing is on Sunday doors open 10am, first 2 hours practice, 30 min lunch break then racing start at 1pm.

This is a great opportunity to get that extra track time every one is asking for and if you know some one that wants to have ago for the first time bring them out.

There will be separate track time for first timers and juniors so don’t be scared to come and have ago

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We have some date changes due to Bathurst on Sunday the 13th October the changes are as below.

Friday Night Racing 11th OCT

Sunday the 13th OCT CANCELLED


Sunday the 27th OCT Racing

Also thank you to all that attended Friday night numbers were down but we still managed to have some fun

results can be found below

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2019 Annual General Meeting

As some of you know last race meet also doubled as the Annual General Meeting for Launceston R/C

A number of issues were discussed, amongst which were the change of computer software and increase in race fees.

Since the inception of the club we have Purchased, run and upgraded a couple of versions of Alycat race software, an Australian designed piece of software.  However recently development and support of that product were discontinued.  As such the committee looked at transitioning to a new software package used elsewhere called Livetime.  This product is more stable, and more logical to use, at the cost of a little automation that Alycat had.  The other downside is cost.  Whereas the version of Alycat we had was a one time fee, Livetime works on a subscription basis where you pay by the month, or more cost effectively, by the year.

To help offset this fee the committee examined increasing race fees from $10 for the first class, to $15 for the first class for members.  We looked at other clubs around the country and many were $10 for the first class, others $20 and higher.  Given that we have to pay rent for each race night, and the added fee from Livetime, the committee decided that would be the most effective method to continue to cover our costs.  This was put to a vote at the agm, along with the decision to move to Livetime permanently (after the trial at the state titles).  This motion was unanimously carried.

As such the change to the race fees begin from this week, as will our use of Livetime.  The prices are as below:

  • 1st race class for members $15
  • Junior racers under 16 years of age $10
  • 2nd entry is still an extra $5

Other items discussed at the agm were

  • Weekend Racing: For a trial period of perhaps 2-3 months at the start of 2020, we will race 1 fortnight on Friday night, and the following fortnight on the Sunday to allow more track time for juniors as well as all members
  • It was suggested that as a club we have a float in the Christmas parade to raise the profile of the club
  • 2020 will be a Launceston R/C Cup year, not a state titles, and it was suggested that the club run a food stall for the event.  This will be looked into by the committee.

Office bearers for the coming year were also elected as follows:

  • President: Clint Brown
  • Secretary: Richard Green
  • Treasurer: Jade Chandler assisted by Andrew Mackenzie
  • Race Director: Damien Betts
  • Track Director: Brady Anthes
  • Committee members: Andrew Barrett, Karl Mould, Ben Scott and Daniel Ahearne.

Congratulations to the new committee, and lets look forward to another great year!

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