Press Release: The 7th Annual Launceston Toyota R/C Cup

25, 26 and 27 August 2017

Following on from another successful event in 2016, Launceston R/C is proud to announce the 2017 Launceston Toyota R/C Cup in conjunction with Launceston Toyota, Metro Hobbies and Rebecca Green & Associates. 2017 once again continues to see interstate interest with entries from NSW, Victoria and all around Tasmania. We have already recorded 70 entries to date and with entries still coming in it is looking to be a competitive field once again in 2017.

Racing will take place across the entire weekend with practice starting on Friday at 2pm, and racing starting at 9:00am on Saturday and Sunday with doors opening at 7:30am. Different classes will be racing each day with qualifying occurring in the morning, and finals in the afternoon.  Running on Empty will be on site with their food van to cater to those needing a food or a coffee hit. Racing will go on regardless of the weather because of our indoor track.

Entry for spectators during the event is free, and we invite everybody to come out and have a look at the event at the Uniquely Tasmanian Pavilion at Quercus Park, Carrick.  Take in the atmosphere and enjoy the smallest and most affordable form of motorsport in the country.  Access is via the road on the southern side of the Quercus Park site (Beyond the two access roads used for Agfest)

2017 has seen further improvements made to the track, racing surface and drivers stand to continue to attract and engage with competitors.   With more lighting, a challenging track layout and many drivers vying for first place the competition will be exciting!

We would also like to thank our Event Sponsors, Launceston Toyota, Metro Hobbies and Rebecca Green & Associates.  Without their help and support this event would be very difficult to continue to hold.


For further information about the event visit our website at and for updates see our Facebook page at

If you would like to discuss this more details of the event, you can contact me by email or by phone on 0419 872 883.

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Launceston R/C’s new logos!

For those that haven’t seen it, we have a slick looking new logo courtesy of some hard work by club member Callum Mitchell.2017.jpg

HE has even done up Facebook cover photos and the new website banner, so make sure you say thanks when you see him at the track next.  These new logos will look amazing on the new trophies for the cup this year.LRC Website Banner.jpg

LRC Facebook Cover Photo.jpg

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Race Report for August 11, 2017

Thanks to everyone who attended Friday’s race meet.  Hopefully everyone got home safely after the rain.  Full results can be found here.

The Launceston Cup is now less than two weeks away.  For those who haven’t entered yet, all the the information can be found here.  The Launceston Cup is always run as a fun event with great racing but it’s not just for the experienced racers.  All novices and juniors are encouraged to enter.  For those novice juniors who would like to race both days, they can also enter the Novice class on the Saturday and the junior class on the Sunday.  For those who won’t be entering, come on out and have a look.

Thanks to everyone who has already paid for their entry which helps the club with the extra expenses in preparing to run the event.  If entries can be paid by direct deposit prior to the event, that would be appreciated.  Payment details can be found on the Launceston Cup page.  If payment cannot be made by direct deposit, please don’t let that stop you from entering as payments will be taken on the day as well.

1st Joe Neeson (Q3)
2nd Link Brown (Q2)
3rd Zack Scott (TQ)
4th Wes Burgess (Q5)
5th Callum Green (Q4)
6th Ben Scott (Q6)
7th Steve Enkarra (Q7)
2wd Short Course
1st Alex Cort (TQ)
2nd Calvin James (Q2)
3rd Jade Chandler (Q3)
4th Chris Madziara (Q5)
5th Tom West (Q4)
6th Richard Green (Q8) (Stadium Truck)
7th James Atkinson (Q6)
8th Aaron Burgess (Q9)
9th Derek Beresford (Q7)
2wd Mod Buggy A
1st Brady Anthes (Q2)
2nd Steve Madziara (Q5)
3rd Andrew MacKenzie (TQ)
4th Callum Mitchell (Q3)
5th Jade Chandler (Q6)
6th Calvin James (Q4)
2wd Mod Buggy B
1st Daniel Lokos (Q7)
2nd Damien Betts (Q10)
3rd Tom West (Q11)
4th Sam Betts (Q8)
5th Zoltan Lokos (Q9)
2wd Stock Buggy A
1st Alex Cort (TQ)
2nd Chris Madziara (Q6)
3rd Matthew Chandler (Q2)
4th Danny Tatnell (Q4)
5th Clint Brown (Q8)
6th James Atkinson (Q5)
2wd Stock Buggy B
1st Damien Betts (Q7)
2nd Mark Cullen (Q12)
3rd Aaron Burgess (Q10)
4th Kohen Mould (Q9)
5th Josh Weber (Q11)
6th Karl Mould (Q3)
4wd Mod Buggy
1st Brady Anthes (Q2)
2nd Andrew MacKenzie (TQ)
3rd Callum Mitchell (Q4)
4th Daniel Lokos (Q3)
5th Karl Mould (Q5)
6th Leo Lorenzen (Q6)
7th Zoltan Lokos (Q7)
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ANNOUNCEMENT: Short Course Tyre Change

As announced earlier in the year, the Committee was looking at ways to bring the fun back into Short Course Truck racing at Launceston R/C and it was decided that method would be a change away from carpet specific tyres.  Short Course Truck rules can be found on this page of Launceston RC – SCT Rules

After some testing to see what would work, the committee has decided on an old favourite from SCT racing of past at LRC, the Team Associated SC10 tyre part number 9809, fitted with the standard foams (not closed cell) that the tyre comes with.  You may also use the pre mounted versions from Team Associated if you wish to do so.


This change will take effect after the Launceston Cup, so starting on the race meet scheduled for the 8th of September.   This tyre choice harks back to the origins of Launceston R/C when SCT was our most popular class while racing at Rutherglen and we only allowed 13.5t motors, and only tyres from Ready to Run (RTR) Short Course Trucks, although HPI trepadors were generally the choice of the drivers.

HPI trepador tyres, as well as their standard foams, will also be allowed, however the SC10 tyre is recommended as it appears to have better performance on the surface that we race on. The HPI part number for these is 103337 MAXXIS TREPADOR BELTED TIRE D COMPOUND and like the associated tyre comes with an open cell foam that is to be used.


HPI Maxxis Trepador (Stock Blitz tyres)

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2017 Launceston R/C Cup – Update No.4

With one race meet left before the cup this Friday is your last chance to get some practice in before the cup.  However extremely importantly WE NEED YOUR ENTRIES NOW!

Not sure how to enter, all you need to do is fill in this simple online form

There has been a change of plans for the Coffee and catering for the event.  Unfortunately because of unforeseeable circumstances Coffee Buzz is unable to come to the cup this year.  However have no fear, they have lined up a replacement, Running on Empty, to cater for use.  The good news is that they will be open Friday through to Sunday with Coffees as well as cold drinks and so on.  For food on the weekend they will have salad rolls, fish, chips, burgers and more, so have no fear, Kellie will have it all covered.

Coffee Buzz have promised they will be back for 2018, even bigger with their new  van currently under construction!

We would also like to welcome yet another mainland entry, Brian from Victoria, I hope you will make him very welcome over the course of the weekend.

Also, if anybody has a couple of spare tables for the mainland drivers, toss them in the back of your car for the weekend so that we know that they guys have plenty of space.

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Friday night Racing

Hows everyone going on the wet and miserable Sunday???

YEP!!! Friday night is Race night. And regardless of the weather….. we’ll be racing!!!!! Also, the last chance to test and tune before the 2017 Launnie Cup!! If you haven’t entered, time is running out!! Hit up this link!!
Launceston Cup Entry’s
We need them in so we can finalise the classes for the event.

As well as the Cup, Membership fees are also now over Due. If you haven’t completed these, come and see us at race control Friday, as we have forms there.

Friday night we roll the doors up by 5pm, fire up the computer, and hit the track and race at 7pm.

BBQ will be hot and cooking for a good old feed (and a big thank you to the Corts once again for running this for us)


So come on out and have a race, test and tune, and drop that lap time!!


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2017 Launceston R/C Cup – Update No.3

1 Month To Go!!!

That’s right, just over a month to go and I still do not see a lot of familiar names on the entry forms for the Launceston R/C Cup yet!  We are up to 24 entries, but we get more that most Friday nights, so lets get those entries in people! ENTER NOW via this link

In other news, our vouchers from Metro Hobbies for the Junior Class came in the mail today which can be used on the website, or via orders over the phone, so get those junior entries in.  Remember Junior Entries are only $10 so get your juniors entered ASAP!

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Yep, racing is on this Friday night, same place, same time!!

With the Launnie Cup creeping ever closer, chances to test and tune that little bit more are getting slim!!!!

So come on out, doors open by 5pm Racing to start at 7pm!!!



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2017 Launceston R/C Cup Update No.2

metroLaunceston R/C is pleased to announce Metro Hobbies coming on board to sponsor the Junior Class for the 2017 Launceston R/C Cup!  Metro Hobbies will be providing $50 vouchers for Metro Hobbies for the first three placed juniors (1st, 2nd and 3rd) .  We would like to extend our sincere thanks to Metro Hobbies for supporting the juniors at this year’s event.

In entry news we now have entries from not only Daniel Lokos from the NWRCCC but also Adrian Grey from the STMCC.  We would also like to an extend a warm welcome (for what will probably be a chilly event) to Allister Whelan and Nathaniel White who are travelling down from the Sydney RC Car Club.

So keep those entries rolling in, and we will see you all at the track!

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Race Results for July 14, 2017

Thanks to everyone who came to race.  There was some fast and close racing.  The highlight being a close tussle in Short Course Truck between Alex and Calvin.  With Calvin taking pole for the mains by 0.4 of a second, things were set up for a tight battle.  The first final (which I unfortunately didn’t see) was from all reports the race of the night – a close tussle with Alex taking the win.  Finishing positions were reversed in the second final with Calvin taking the win over Alex.  Finishing on equal points Calvin would take the win for the night due to the quickest time in the finals.

Don’t forget to get those Launceston R/C Cup entries in.  Information is here.

The next race meet is Friday July 28.  Full results for last night can be found here.

1st Lucas Chandler (TQ)
2nd Callum Betts (Q2)
3rd Link Brown (Q5)
4th Joe Neeson (Q3)
5th Wes Burgess (Q4)
6th Zach Scott (Q6)
2wd Stock Buggy
1st Alex Cort (TQ)
2nd Chris Madziara (Q2)
3rd Clint Brown (Q5)
4th Kohen Mould (Q8)
5th James Atkinson (Q4)
6th Danny Tatnell (Q3)
7th Mark Cullen (Q6)
8th Aaron Burgess (Q7)
2wd Mod Buggy
1st Andrew MacKenzie (TQ)
2nd Steve Madziara (Q3)
3rd Jade Chandler (Q5)
4th Damien Betts (Q4)
5th Daniel Lokos (Q2)
6th Calvin James (Q6)
7th Callum Mitchell (Q7)
2wd Short Course
1st Calvin James (TQ)
2nd Alex Cort (Q2)
3rd Chris Madziara (Q4)
4th Derek Beresford (Q6)
5th Jade Chandler (Q3)
6th James Atkinson (Q5)
4wd Mod Buggy
1st Callum Mitchell (Q2)
2nd Daniel Lokos (TQ)
3rd Andrew Green (Q3)
4th Zoltan Lokos (Q4)
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