Racing 24 July 2020 – Back from COVID-19

You read it right, we have just received confirmation that we are back in the saddle and able to race again from our Landlord, so racing is on!!

So check your batteries, get them charged and dust off your cars. Doors open at 5pm, racing starts at 7pm.

Before coming please make sure you read the post about the covid-19 safety measures that are being taken at the club. If you didn’t see it you can read about it on this post. As well as the measures taken by the club, we encourage you to NOT come racing if you have come in contact with anybody who has been exhibiting symptoms of the virus. We also recommend you bring your own cleaner to clean off your table and your own hand sanatiser.

The club will be providing sanatiser at 3 key points, at the canteen, at the entry to the drivers stand and at the venue entry where there will also be a logbook for non members and visitors to leave your details for tracing purposes should it be needed.

The committee has done a significant clean of the venue over the weekend which included moving the tables further apart. Please leave the tables at the separation they are set at, and follow suit if you are putting down more tables. Power cords will need to be laid out again.

The committee also beg your patience with the race schedule as we are limited to the number of drivers on the stand, so unless some drivers want to be standing off the drivers stand, we will have to see how the schedule fits.

Greenie launches the Blitz! (yes an old photo, but why not!)
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