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Code of Behaviour / Ethics

On our recent break one of the things that the committee worked on was a code of Behaviour / Ethics for everybody visiting our venue.  The below is a result of that work.  There isn’t anything in here that we … Continue reading

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How to be a better Marshal

Often overlooked and frequently dreaded, turn marshaling is a very important part of racing. Although in a perfect world nobody would ever crash during a race, the reality is that crashing, flipping your car and getting pinned into the wall … Continue reading

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School of R/C: Preparing for a Major Meeting

With the Tasmanian Championship for EP Tourers and Mini just days away, we thought it time to run through some of the preparation involved in getting your car and yourself ready for a major race meeting like this. Prepping for … Continue reading

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School of R/C: The Ethics of R/C

As we continue to grow as a club, and learn our way around the R/C hobby, perhaps it’s time to think a little about ethics for R/C racers. R/C is like any sport in that there are some guidelines which … Continue reading

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Race Rule Questions….answered?

Over the last week or two, a few questions have emerged about the rules we’re running under at Launceston R/C, and our race formats.  The questions relate to marshalling arrangements, motor rules for Short Course class, driver behaviour, and class/heat … Continue reading

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School of R/C #1: The Racing Line

At our practice session last night, we kicked off what will hopefully be a semi-regular “School of R/C”.  This is all about helping you go faster, get more performance from your car, improve your driving and preparation.  If there are … Continue reading

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