2012 Launceston Cup

Launceston R/C is proud to present the second annual Tiger Models Launceston Cup.

This one day race meeting will bring together the best drivers from around Tasmania for a day of intense indoor, electric R/C car racing with a range of classes providing an option for just about every EP R/C racer.

Huge thanks to our associate event sponsors:

When:  Friday 29th and Saturday 30th June, 2012


  • Friday – practice by class, 5pm to 9.30pm
  • Saturday 7.30 am open, 8.00 controlled practice, 8.45 driver’s briefing, 9am race starts

Where: Rutherglen Holiday Resort, Hadspen. Go here for details. We’re in the sports stadium, behind the tavern/cafe.

Format: 3 * 5 minute qualifiers, with single best race result to count.  Triple 5 minute A finals, with best two counting, points for positions, qualifying as tie-breaker.  Minimum two B/C/Lower finals (three if time permits).

Classes: 2wd Short Course Truck, Open Short Course Truck, 2wd Stock Buggy, Open 10th Buggy, 8th Big Bangers, Touring Cars, Mini, Junior 10th Offroad. Full details including rules for each class below.

Cost:  $20 for 1 class, $30 for two. Maximum of two classes per entrant.

Entry Forms: Download the Launceston Cup 2012 entry form , or pick up in person at Launceston R/C, or at Tiger Models.  Return completed form at Launceston R/C event, or by post to 30 Andrea Pl Riverside 7250. Or enter online here.  Pay entry fees with form, or on the day. Entries close 23rd June. YOU MUST PRE-ENTER THIS EVENT.

Concours: Prize for best-presented car

Discussion Forums:  The event can be discussed in the comments section here, or at the event thread at rctech.net.

Transponders: This race meeting will be scored using personal transponders. It is your responsibility to supply your own personal transponder (AMB personal transponder, MyLaps RC4 or MRT PTX are all suitable). We have a very limited number of transponders available for rent on a first-come, first-served basis at $10 for the day (conditions apply).

Rules: Rules for each class are outlined below. Race format and general event guidelines are as per Launceston R/C race rules.  We anticipate this is a day that will be heavy on fun, and light on scrutineering and heavy-handed rule enforcement. Your cooperation will help make sure this is the case.

Track: For those who haven’t visited Launceston R/C before, the track surface is dusty concrete, with timber ramps and other artificial obstacles for the offroad classes.  The track surface is low grip. Touring car drivers should know that this is not a perfectly smooth on-road track. There will be a fresh track layout for this event to limit the advantage of local drivers.

Food & Drink:  Food and drinks will be available from the tavern, and cafe on site at Rutherglen. Under no circumstance are alcoholic drinks to be brought on-site from outside, or into the pit area from the tavern.


  • Launceston R/C races each 2nd and 4th Thursday night, and visitors are always welcome.  Doors open by 6pm, with racing starting at 7.
  • Club racing Thursday 14th June (no racing 28th June)
  • Open practice night Thursday 31st May
  • Controlled practice 5-9.30 Friday night 29th June
  • A short controlled practice session (by class) on the morning of the event
  • The track is closed at all other times, unless announced here at launcestonrc.com

Raffle: We hope to announce details of an event raffle in the near future. Please contact Scott if you can arrange for prizes to be donated for the raffle.

Class Rules:

1. 2wd Short Course Trucks

  • 2wd Short Course Trucks
  • Normal Launceston R/C SC Class
  • Brushless motors down to minimum of 13.5 turns with Zero timing ESC in zero/blinky mode or standard brushed systems in ready-to-run trucks
  • Full fendered truck bodies
  • Hard-cased 2s LiPo/6-cell NiMh maximum
  • Approved tyres only
  • Full rules for the class are on the Launceston R/C website here
  • PLEASE NOTE TYRE, MOTOR and ESC limitations strictly apply in this class.

2. Open Short Course Trucks

  • Open Short Course Truck class is for 10th scale Short Course Trucks
  • 2wd & 4wd
  • Open Motor & ESC
  • Any regular Short Course size tyres (note – no 8th Buggy Tyres)
  • Batteries are limited to 2s LiPo/6-cell NiMh
  • Full fendered truck bodies only
  • Other construction rules for the class are on the Launceston R/C website here.

3. 2wd Stock 10th Buggy

  • For 2wd 1/10th buggies only
  • Hard-cased 2s LiPo/6-cell NiMh batteries only.
  • Brushless motors to minimum of 17.5 turns
  • Zero timing ESC in zero/blinky mode
  • Open tyres
  • PLEASE NOTE MOTOR/ESC limitations strictly apply in this class
  • Other construction/size/weight rules per AARCMCC

4. 10th Buggy OPEN

  • For any 1/10th buggies and stadium trucks (2wd or 4wd).
  • Open motor/ESC
  • Up to 2s Hard-cased LiPo/6-cell NiMh batteries only.
  • Open tyres.
  • Other construction/size/weight rules per AARCMCC

5. 8th “Big Bangers”

  • 8th scale buggies, truggies and Monster Trucks
  • Up to 4s hard-cased LiPo
  • Open motors
  • Open tyres
  • Some safety-oriented track limitations may apply depending on the configuration of jumps for this event, and will be announced prior to controlled practice commencing
  • Other construction/size/weight rules per AARCMCC

6. Touring Car Spec

  • 4wd 1/10th scale touring cars
  • 17.5 turn brushless motors with Zero timing ESC in zero/blinky mode or 21.5 turn motors with open ESC.
  • Hard-cased 2sLiPo/6-cell NiMh batteries
  • Open rubber tyres
  • Please note that the track surface is low grip.
  • PLEASE NOTE MOTOR/ESC limitations strictly apply
  • Other construction rules per VORTEC

7. Mini

  • Front wheel drive Tamiya M03, M05, HPI Switch
  • Built per instructions
  • Tamiya hopups or equivalent from other manufacturers
  • Etched 13t Hobbywing motor/ESC systems or standard 540 motors
  • Hard-cased 2s LiPo/6-cell NiMh batteries.
  • Mini-sized rubber tyres (open)
  • All rules per VORTEC

8. Junior SC/10th Offroad

  • This is an open 10th scale off-road class for drivers 13 years of age and younger
  • It is intended to provide an enjoyable class for younger children to race
  • The class is open to 2wd Short Course Trucks (following the normal rules for that class) and 10th Off-road buggies to minimum 17.5 turn brushless motors or RTR brushed.
  • No turbo/dynamic timing to be used on ESCs
  • 8th buggies/truggies are not permitted in this class.

ENTRY LIST (as at 26 June): 99 entries


  1. John Beggs (STMCC)
  2. John Batich (STMCC)
  3. Ian Scott (LRC)
  4. Tom West (LRC)
  5. Gene Newell (LRC)
  6. Lee Harvey (STMCC)
  7. Robert Gillie (STMCC)
  8. Matthew Chandler (LRC)
  9. Chris Madziara (LRC)
  10. Graham Viney (LRC)
  11. Andrew Mackenzie (LRC)
  12. Peter Hutton (n/a)
  13. David Rush (STMCC)

Touring Cars

  1. Kim Dare (STMCC)
  2. Ian Scott (LRC)
  3. James Atkinson (LRC)
  4. Kellie Viney (NWRCCC)
  5. Scott Minehan (STMCC)
  6. Gene Newell (LRC)
  7. Peter Hutton (n/a)
  8. David Rush (STMCC)
  9. Rodney Houghton (LRC)

Short Course – 2wd Spec

  1. Andrew Green (LRC)
  2. Justin Strickland (NWRCCC)
  3. Mark Rayner (NWRCCC)
  4. Matt Hodgetts (NWRCCC)
  5. Richard Green (LRC)
  6. James Atkinson (LRC)
  7. Shaun Whatley (NWRCCC)
  8. Tom West (LRC)
  9. Derek Beresford (LRC)
  10. Adam Beresford (LRC)
  11. Philip Ferguson (LRC)
  12. Leo Lorenzen (NWRCCC)
  13. Wally Sturzaker (NWRCCC)
  14. Michael Taylor (LRC)
  15. Brett Bayliss (?)
  16. Aaron Peck (NWRCCC)
  17. Tim Parsons (NWRCCC)
  18. George Kennedy (GOMCC)
  19. Jade Chandler (LRC)
  20. Chris Madziara (LRC)
  21. Graham Viney (LRC)
  22. Michael Peck (NWRCCC)
  23. Andrew Mackenzie (LRC)
  24. Alanna Hodgetts (NWRCCC)
  25. Jacob Cox (?)
  26. Rodney Houghton (LRC)
  27. Chris Murray (LRC)

Open Short Course

  1. Kim Dare (STMCC)
  2. Ben Hoare (GOMCC)
  3. Mark Davis (GOMCC)
  4. Jesse Hilder (GOMCC)
  5. Adrian Van Huissteden (GOMCC)
  6. Stephen Lepir (GOMCC)
  7. Phil Reibel (GOMCC)

2wd Stock Buggy

  1. Jarrod Painting (LRC)
  2. Calvin James (LRC)
  3. Shane Winter (GOMCC)
  4. Leo Lorenzen (NWRCCC)
  5. Alex John (GOMCC)
  6. Matthew Chandler (LRC)
  7. Jade Chandler (LRC)
  8. Ben Good (LRC)
  9. Brendan Cooper (GOMCC)
  10. James Atkinson (LRC)

Open 10th Buggy

  1. Jarrod Painting (LRC)
  2. Shane Winter (GOMCC)
  3. Adrian Beggs (QLD)
  4. Michael Winter (GOMCC)
  5. Ben Hoare (GOMCC)
  6. Damien Betts (LRC)
  7. Mark Davis (GOMCC)
  8. Richard Green (LRC)
  9. Lee Havey (STMCC)
  10. Jesse Hilder (GOMCC)
  11. Alex John (GOMCC)
  12. Paddy Hume (LRC)
  13. Robert Gillie (STMCC)
  14. Steve Madziara (LRC)
  15. Adrian Van Huissteden (GOMCC)
  16. Brendan Cooper (GOMCC)
  17. Stephen Lepir (GOMCC)
  18. Sam Wells (LRC)
  19. Phil Reibel (GOMCC)
  20. Danny Tatnell (?)

8th Buggy/Truck

  1. Andrew Eberhardt (LRC)
  2. Kim Dare (STMCC)
  3. Adrian Beggs (QLD)
  4. Michael Winter (GOMCC)
  5. Michael Peck (NWRCCC)
  6. Steve Madziara (LRC)
  7. Troy Taylor (LRC)

Junior Off-Road

  1. Chloe Beresford (LRC)
  2. Sam Betts (LRC)
  3. Andrew West (LRC)
  4. Calvin James (LRC)
  5. Connor Van Huissteden (GOMCC)
  6. Jacob Cox (?)

(Last updated 20 June)


33 Responses to 2012 Launceston Cup

  1. Alex says:

    Don’t forget GOMCC on the club list 😉

    • scottg says:

      Fixed the on-line form. Thanks Alex for the reminder. I copied a lot from last year’s info, when GOMCC didn’t forrmally exist yet! GOMCC now added to the options.

  2. Peter Hutton says:

    Do you have to be a member of a club to enter???

    • scottg says:

      Not at all Peter, it’s an open event. We’re just collecting club info on the on-line entry form for interest. There’s an “Other” option you can select if you’re not a member of one of the listed clubs.

  3. Greenie says:

    yeah!!! getting some numbers now!!!!
    don’t for get to bring a hard copy of your entry when you pay cash please!!! (makes it easier for me!!)

  4. Shane says:

    can I enter with out putting in transponder numbers I can never rember what mine are and just sort out on the friday at practice??????

  5. Shane says:

    Sweet I get my entries in then

  6. Shane says:

    Mick and my entries are in cant wait

  7. Greenie says:

    Great work Chloe!!!
    our first Junior!!!!

  8. Dean Ross says:

    Well lads I’m gunna try and make another trip to tassie being only a short race meet shouldn’t need much time off.. Just need to check if it clashes with anything local for me… Hope I can make it.. Cheers Dean

    • scottg says:

      Dean it would be great to have you down. Track is 10 mins from Launceston airport and there is on-site accommodation available. I might have to drag out an 8th Buggy and run with you!

  9. Mark D says:

    Hi, Scott. It’s Mark Davis. Can you change my club to GOMCC. Haven’t been a member of STMCC for awhile.

  10. ian scott says:

    85 enteries so far it will be bigger than any Tassie titles and the biggest race meeting Tassie has seen
    Not long to go

  11. Adriaan Van Huissteden says:

    Hi Scott – 4wd buggies ok in Juniors with a 17.5T?



  12. Adriaan Van Huissteden says:


  13. damien says:

    Hi Scott dont forget to take me out of mini

  14. Alex says:

    Rodney Keenan may be a late entry for 2WD SCT. He doesn’t have the internet so I’ll get his details on Sunday and enter for him if that’s ok.

  15. Peter Hutton says:

    Entry form done n fees paid

  16. Rocket says:

    Guys I entered and payed last thursday night Tourers and SC trucks

  17. Shane says:

    When do entries close as I may have another junior entry ?

  18. Rocket says:

    This is going to be huge 🙂

  19. troy taylor says:

    hi just want to ask you if troy is entered in the 1/8 big bangers as he
    did put a entery form on line and i can not see his name in the list
    so can you let me know if he is enterede
    regards troy

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