2015 Launceston Toyota R/C Cup

Launceston R/C is proud to present the Fifth annual  Launceston Toyota R/C Cup to be held on the 8th and 9th of August embracing our ability to race regardless of the temperature and weather outside!

This two day race meeting will bring together the best drivers from around Tasmania and Interstate for two days of intense indoor, electric R/C car racing with a range of classes providing an option for just about every EP R/C Off Road racer.

2015 poster

It is also the first of three, of an inter-club points series, where  Launceston R/C, The North West Remote Control Car Club, and Goodwood Offroad Model Car Club do battle against one another for club supremacy, with each club holding an event where the clubs drivers individual points, add to their clubs over all points.

For a non club member, have no fear, as these events are open to all drivers!! We clubs just like to make a points series out of anything!!!! So if you are a racer from way back, just starting out, even a visiting racer, we’d be more than stoked to see you there!


We are still on the hunt for sponsors, so if you know of any businesses that may be interested please let Richard Green know at greeny@richardgreenphotography.com.au.
Rafflesponsorship’s are still available at a price and level to suit any business.

Naming Sponsor

Launceston Toyota

Raffle Sponsors

PrintClass Sponsors

Hot Toddys Heather Installs
Trophy Traders
Automotive IQ
Industrial Galvanisers
Crisp Bros
McCullochs News ‘N’ Food
Rebecca Green & Associates
Launceston Toyota


  • Friday – 6:00pm to 9:00 pm, Practice Session
  • Saturday -7:30 am open, 8:00 controlled practice, 8.45 drivers briefing, 9.10am racing starts. 30 minute Lunch at Approx 1 pm. Finish approx 3:40pm with Trophies for class winners.
  • Sunday – 7:30 am open, 8:00 controlled practice, 8.45 driver’s briefing, 9.10am racing starts. 30 minute Lunch at Approx 1 pm. Finish approx 4:40 pm with Trophies for class winners.

Where: Uniquely Tasmanian Pavilion, Quercus Rural Youth Park. Go here for details.

Format: 5 * 5 minute qualifiers, with single best race result to count. Triple 5 minute A finals, with best two counting, points for positions, qualifying as tie-breaker. Minimum two B/C/Lower finals (three if time permits).

Classes Saturday: Open/4×4 Short Course Truck, 2wd Buggy Stock, 2wd Buggy Modified, Stadium Truck, Novice. Full details including rules for each class below. Any class may be removed if numbers do not reach at least 4 vehicles.

Classes Sunday:  2wd Short Course Truck, 4wd 10th Buggy Stock, 4wd 10th Buggy Modified, Junior. Full details including rules for each class below. Any class may be removed if numbers do not reach at least 4 vehicles.

**** PLEASE NOTE!! ****
Minimum of 5 drivers per class is a MUST in order for the class to be run

Cost: $30 for 1 class, $10 extra per extra class up to a maximum of $50 for 4 classes. Maximum of two classes per entrant, per day. For those that want to pay via direct deposit, the details are

Account name: Launceston R C
BSB: 067600
ACC: 1076 5818

Entry Forms: Entry forms can be found online HERE

Concours: Prize for best-presented car on Saturday and Sunday.  The trophy will be presented after the drivers briefing.  Sponsored by a Durango Fansite and Launceston Toyota

Discussion Forums: The event can be discussed in the comments section here, or at the event thread at rctech.net http://www.rctech.net/forum/australian-events/878247-2015-launceston-r-c-cup.html

Transponders: This race meeting will be scored using personal transponders. It is your responsibility to supply your own personal transponder (AMB personal transponder and  MyLaps RC4 are suitable). We have a very limited number of transponders available for rent on a first-come, first-served basis at $10 for the day (conditions apply). Launceston RC does have a limited number of new transponders for sale at $100.

Rules: Rules for each class are outlined below. Race format and general event guidelines are as per Launceston R/C race rules. We anticipate this is a weekend that will be heavy on fun, and light on scrutineering and heavy-handed rule enforcement. Your cooperation will help make sure this is the case.

Track: For those who haven’t visited Launceston R/C before, the track surface has been evolving over the years to where the majority of the surface is carpet or artificial turf with man made jumps, humps and other artificial obstacles.

*** Time permitting, there will be a fresh track layout for this event to limit the advantage of local drivers. ***

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Site Layout: Inside the Uniquely Pavillion will be the same as normal with race control, the canteen and drivers stand in the normal locations.  It is anticipated that we will have a number of other groups and clubs displaying on the Sunday. This will be a Drop Off Only Zone for both days of the cup, with parking to the west of the pavillion as per the map below.  There will be NO PARKING on the southern side of the pavillion.

Food & Drink: The Launceston RC Committee has sourced providers for hot food and drinks for the Saturday and Sunday of this event.

Launceston RC will be running a canteen as per normal race nights with Drinks, Chips and Lollies. If you can help man this stall, please let Jade know.

1486700_1496957320529324_659953982_nWe are pleased to announce that Burger Junkie will be attending the event on Saturday and Sunday. To find out more about them and their fantastic hamburgers visit their facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Burger-Junkie/1422632987961758


11391138_920640914666859_746724611654398659_nWe are pleased to announce a new attendee of the Launceston R/C Cup, Coffee Buzz!  Make sure you head over to their facebook page and like them, remember we need to support the businesses that support us!  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Coffee-Buzz/101168536614105 . Coffee Buzz will be there Friday, Saturday and Sunday untill reasonably late each day, so you will be able to get a hot beverage of your choice!

Under no circumstance are alcoholic drinks to be brought on-site.


  • A practice session will open on Friday the 7th of August at 6:00pm.  The track will close at 9:00pm precisely.
  • Launceston R/C races each 2nd and 4th Friday night, and visitors are always welcome. Doors open by 6pm, with racing starting at 7.
  • Controlled practice 8:00 – 8:45 AM Saturday and Sunday 8th and 9th of August.
  • The track is closed at all other times, unless announced here at launcestonrc.com

Raffle:  Our amazing raffle will be run once again this year. Tickets will be $2 each, or 3 for $5.  Prizes will be added to the list as they arrive.  Another huge thankyou to our sponsors for their ongoing support. Please contact Richard if you can arrange for prizes to be donated for the raffle. Current prizes for our raffle are listed below and will be updated as we go.

  • $100 IGA Gift Card
  • $100 IGA Gift Card (yes, two $100 gift cards up for grabs!)
  • Grocery Hamper

On Site Facilities: There are toilets on site, however Launceston R/C will have a portaloo closer to the Uniquely Tasmanian Pavilion for this event.  On site water is not potable so you should not drink it.  Drinking Water will be available for purchase at the Canteen. There will be plenty of parking available, so please park sensibly, please keep your speed down as there will be a range of people of various ages attending the event.  As mentioned above, there will be food on site for the event.

Class Rules:

1. Hot Toddys Heather Installs 2wd Stock 10th Buggy

  • For 2wd 1/10th buggies only
  • Hard-cased 2s LiPo/6-cell NiMh batteries only.
  • Brushless motors to minimum of 17.5 turns
  • Zero timing ESC in zero/blinky mode
  • Open tyres
  • PLEASE NOTE MOTOR/ESC limitations strictly apply in this class
  • Other construction/size/weight rules per AARCMCC

2. Trophy Traders 2wd Mod 10th Buggy

  • For 2wd 1/10th buggies only
  • Hard-cased 2s LiPo/6-cell NiMh batteries only.
  • Open motor/ESC
  • Open tyres
  • PLEASE NOTE MOTOR/ESC limitations strictly apply in this class
  • Other construction/size/weight rules per AARCMCC

iq3. Automotive IQ 10th Stadium Truck

  • For any 1/10th 2wd stadium trucks.
  • Open Brushless Motors & Approved ESCs
  • Up to 2s Hard-cased LiPo/6-cell NiMh batteries only.
  • Open tyres.
  • Other construction/size/weight rules per AARCMCC

4. Launceston Toyota Open Short Course Trucks

  • Open Short Course Truck class is for 10th scale Short Course Trucks
  • 2wd & 4wd
  • Open Motor & ESC
  • Any regular Short Course size tyres (note – no 8th Buggy Tyres)
  • Batteries are limited to 2s LiPo/6-cell NiMh
  • Full fendered truck bodies only
  • Other construction rules for the class are on the Launceston R/C website here.

5. Industrial Galvanisers 2wd Short Course Trucks

  • 2wd Short Course Trucks
  • Normal Launceston R/C SC Class
  • 10.5 Brushless Motors & Approved ESCs
  • Full fendered truck bodies
  • Hard-cased 2s LiPo/6-cell NiMh maximum
  • Full rules for the class are on the Launceston R/C website here
  • PLEASE NOTE TYRE, MOTOR and ESC limitations strictly apply in this class.

crisp6. Crisp Bros 10th Buggy 4wd Stock

  • For any 1/10th 4wd buggies
  • Brushless motors to minimum of 17.5 turns
  • Up to 2s Hard-cased LiPo/6-cell NiMh batteries only.
  • Open tyres.
  • Other construction/size/weight rules per AARCMCC

7. McCullochs News ‘N’ Food 10th Buggy 4wd Open

  • For any 1/10th 4wd buggies(2wd or 4wd).
  • Open motor/ESC
  • Up to 2s Hard-cased LiPo/6-cell NiMh batteries only.
  • Open tyres.
  • Other construction/size/weight rules per AARCMCC

rga8. Rebecca Green & Associates Junior 10th Offroad

  • This is an open 10th scale off-road class for drivers 13 years of age and younger
  • It is intended to provide an enjoyable class for younger children to race
  • The class is open to 2wd Short Course Trucks (following the normal rules for that class), Stadium Truck and 10th Off-road buggies to minimum 17.5 turn brushless motors or RTR brushed.
  • No turbo/dynamic timing to be used on ESCs
  • 8th buggies/truggies are not permitted in this class.
  • Winners of this class from the previous 2 years will not be permitted to enter and are asked to race in the appropriate class for their vehicle(s).


Hot Toddys Heater Installs 2wd Stock Buggy (A, B and C) – 2 places left

  1. Richard Green (LRC)
  2. Will Haines (KEORCA)
  3. Justin Harwood (LRC)
  4. Stephen Behsmann (Mildura)
  5. Damien Betts (LRC)
  6. Sam Betts (LRC)
  7. Ivan Mckenzie (Mildura)
  8. Nick O’toole (Mildura)
  9. Jamie Chesher (Keilor)
  10. Tom West (LRC)
  11. Calvin James (LRC)
  12. Jade Chandler (LRC)
  13. Max Hoare (GOMCC)
  14. Andrew Green (LRC)
  15. Steven Morrison (Keilor)
  16. Daniel Loekoes (NWRCCC)
  17. Andrew MacKenzie (LRC)
  18. Danny Tatnell (LRC)
  19. Brady Anthes (LRC)
  20. Tylar Jenni (GOMCC)
  21. Matthew Chandler (LRC)
  22. Ian Scott (LRC)
  23. Todd Maxfield (LRC)
  24. Brad Whitchurch (LRC)
  25. Chris Madziara (LRC)
  26. Bailey Tyler (GOMCC)
  27. Nathan Clark (LRC)
  28. Josh Weber (LRC)

Trophy Traders 2wd Modified Buggy (A and B) – 4 places left

  1. Jesse Hilder (GOMCC)
  2. Cameron Zammit (Keilor)
  3. John Watkins (KEORCA)
  4. Leo Lorenzen (NWRCCC)
  5. Chris Sturdy (CRCCC)
  6. Zoltan Lokos (NWRCCC)
  7. Ben Hoare (GOMCC)
  8. Tim Parsons (NWRCCC)
  9. Ray Munday (Keilor)
  10. Danny Tatnell (LRC)
  11. Mark Rayner (NWRCCC)
  12. Ashley Peeler
  13. Sam Wells (LRC)
  14. Justin Strickland (NWRCCC)
  15. Andrew Selvaggi (Keilor)
  16. Steven Madziara (LRC)

Automotive IQ 2wd Stadium Truck

  1. Justin Harwood (LRC)
  2. Anthony Zammit (Keilor)
  3. James Atkinson (LRC)
  4. Leo Lorenzen (NWRCCC)
  5. Calvin James (LRC)
  6. Jade Chandler (LRC)
  7. Josh Weber (LRC)
  8. Drew Butcher (NWRCCC)
  9. Andrew MacKenzie (LRC)
  10. Matthew Chandler (LRC)
  11. Ian Scott (LRC)
  12. Todd Maxfield (LRC)
  13. Bailey Tyler (GOMCC)
  14. Josh Webber (LRC)
  15. Alex Court

Launceston Toyota Open Short Course – 2 places left

  1. Will Haines (KEORCA)
  2. James Atkinson (LRC)
  3. Phillip Reibel (GOMCC)
  4. Marcel Jenni (GOMCC)
  5. Brayden Jenni (GOMCC)
  6. Toby Swan (GOMCC)
  7. Rob Whelan
  8. Bill Van Asperen (LRC)

Industrial Galvanisers Short Course – 2wd Spec (A and B) – 1 place left

  1. Richard Green (LRC)
  2. Will Haines (KEORCA)
  3. Cameron Zammit (Keilor)
  4. Andrew Eberhardt (LRC)
  5. Tom West (LRC)
  6. Chris West (LRC)
  7. James Atkinson (LRC)
  8. Leo Lorenzen (NWRCCC)
  9. Sam Betts (LRC)
  10. Andrew MacKenzie (LRC)
  11. Danny Tatnell (LRC)
  12. Brady Anthes (LRC)
  13. Matthew Chandler (LRC)
  14. Calvin James (LRC)
  15. Brad Whitchurch (LRC)
  16. Chris Madziara (LRC)
  17. Phillip Ferguson (LRC)
  18. Nathan Clark (LRC)
  19. Ben Deavin

Crisp Bros 10th 4wd Stock Buggy (A and B)

  1. Justin Harwood (LRC)
  2. Stephen Behsmann (Mildura)
  3. Damien Betts (LRC)
  4. Ivan Mckenzie (Mildura)
  5. Nick O’toole (Mildura)
  6. Jamie Chesher (Keilor)
  7. Jade Chandler (LRC)
  8. Phillip Reibel (GOMCC)
  9. Steven Morrison (Keilor)
  10. Danny Tatnell (LRC)
  11. Marcel Jenni (GOMCC)
  12. Brayden Jenni (GOMCC)
  13. Matthew Chandler (LRC)
  14. Andrew MacKenzie (LRC)
  15. Aaron Tyler (GOMCC)

McCullochs News ‘N’ Food 10th 4wd Modified Buggy (A and B) – 2 places left

  1. Jesse Hilder (GOMCC)
  2. Will Haines (KEORCA)
  3. Cameron Zammit (Keilor)
  4. John Watkins (KEORCA)
  5. Leo Lorenzen (NWRCCC)
  6. Chris Sturdy (CRCCC)
  7. Zoltan Lokos (NWRCCC)
  8. Ben Hoare (GOMCC)
  9. Tim Parsons (NWRCCC)
  10. Ray Munday (Keilor)
  11. Daniel Loekoes (NWRCCC)
  12. Mark Rayner (NWRCCC)
  13. Ashley Peeler
  14. Drew Butcher (NWRCCC)
  15. Sam Wells (LRC)
  16. Justin Strickland (NWRCCC)
  17. Andrew Selvaggi (Keilor)
  18. Ben Deavin

Launceston Toyota Novice

  1. Alex Court
  2. Joel Toon
  3. Josh Burrows
  4. Callum Mitchell
  5. James Marks

Rebecca Green & Associates Junior Off-Road

  1. Jenna Harwood (LRC)
  2. Max Hoare (GOMCC)
  3. Callum Green (LRC)
  4. Lucas Chandler (LRC)
  5. Tylar Jenni (GOMCC)
  6. Bailey Tyler (GOMCC)
10/6/2015 – 21
11/6/2015 – 29
16/6/2015 – 42
1/7/2015 – 56
9/7/2015 – 61
13/7/2015 – 79
14/7/2015 – 94
16/7/2015 – 102
21/7/2015 – 103
22/7/2015 – 109
28/7/2015 – 119
4/8/2015 – 128
5/8/2015 – 130

14 Responses to 2015 Launceston Toyota R/C Cup

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  7. originaldirtmonkey1967 says:

    Hi Richard
    Will Haines here I have entered the Launny Cup and was just been going over your clubs rulings to make all good my end and noticed that I am actually not allowed to run AKA tyres in 2WD SCT as they are not approved ???? They are one of my sponsors.
    It all seems good with AKA in other classes as it states open tyres accept for SCT I understand the level playing field for the club and the class with costs etc, can you clarify please or waiver or do I really need to get the approved tyres and if I really do which is best on the track surface.

  8. To honestly answer your question I usually run nitro and have never had a control tyre in those class’. EP the controlled tyre was supplied (purchased by us in the entry fee and more could be sourced at the event) and there for used, in this case we are happy to conform with the clubs ruling but in saying that you would need to give me the brand of the best tyre to use 🙂 as that would help with my purchase or even still arrange for a set from your local source for me to buy as I will be in TAS early Fri to see some nitro buddies from NWRCCC before getting to the track for open practice, and at the end of the meet will give them away to a young driver of the club as they will still be in fairly good nik for the amount of use they will get.
    Also while I’ve got your attention, 4×4 SCT seems to be lacking, can I request a cancellation notice of the class so I dont bring on the plane what is not needed, that would be fantastic.

    Kind Regards

    • Hi WIll, open sct has plenty of entries now, and the sct stock class tyre limitations have been permanently lifted.

      • originaldirtmonkey1967 says:

        Hi Richard. Thank you and the committee for this allowance and as you said shouldn’t make much of a difference for your club racing
        Cheers See you all soon very soon


  9. Schumacher carpet and proline carpet tyres are far and away the most common choices, and both work very well. That said, there is some discussion about the tyres at the moment and we will let you know as soon as there is a decision. Mind you anything other than a carpet tyre has been shown to be a disadvantage in all other classes to date for the most part. Possibly with the exception of less grippy front tyres.

    Open SCT, I do have some entries for that class to process and expect to recieve more, but we will certianly notify all entrants if the class faces the chopping block.


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