2013 Tiger Models Launceston Cup – Day 1 Results

Congratulations to all those who raced today, it was a fantastic day, and everybody that came had a great time.  While we had a good number of people visit to see what we are all about, we are expecting more to come tomorrow with displays form the Tas Radio Rock Crawlers (outside near Bracknel Primaries Food Stall), and the Tas RC Drifters (Behind the drivers stand).

So the full results can be found here at Richard Green Photography as usual http://www.richardgreenphotography.com.au/LRC/, however here is the wrapup.

There was fantastic racing action on the track today with some very clean, and very fast races, and some stellar performances from a number of drivers.  It was fantastic to see such large fields of 2wd buggies on the track, and especially nice to see an almost full field of Stadium Trucks at Launceston RC, a sight that to date has been all too infrequent, but seems to be coming back into popularity, I might have to find a Stadium Truck again!

It was also fabulous to see the young drivers so enthusiastic both on and off the track.

A special Shout out and congratulations to Jade Chandler (1st), Chris Madziara (2nd) and Wally Sturzaker (3rd) from the 2wd Stock Buggy.  I neglected to announce your positions, and congratulate you at the presentations this afternoon, my sincerest apologies!

Open / 4×4 SCT

  1. Justin Strickland
  2. Phil Reibel
  3. Richard Skinner
  4. Mark Rayner
  5. Derek Beresford
  6. Leo Lorenzen
  7. Justin Harwood
  8. Kustin King
  9. James Atkinson (DNS)

Stock 2WD Buggy A

  1. Andrew Mackenzie
  2. Tim Parsons
  3. Adam Beresford
  4. Joe Browning
  5. Marcel Jeni
  6. Richard Skinner
  7. Jarrod Painting
  8. Matthew Chandler

Stock 2WD Buggy B

  1. Jade Chandler
  2. Chris Madziara
  3. Wally Sturzaker
  4. Derek Beresford
  5. Danny Tatnell
  6. Chris Strickland
  7. Tom West
  8. Phillip Ferguson

Stadium Truck

  1. Ben Hoare
  2. Phil Reibel
  3. Jarrod Painting
  4. Jessie Hilder
  5. Patrick Hume
  6. Andrew Mackenzie
  7. Marcel Jenni
  8. Joe Browning
  9. Justin King

Junior Offroad

  1. Calvin James
  2. Jacob Cox
  3. Tylar Jenni

Mod 2wd Buggy

  1. Ben Hoare
  2. Steve Madziara
  3. Justin Strickland
  4. Jessie Hilder
  5. Adam Beresford
  6. Mary Rayner
  7. Leo Lorenzen

The action on the track will be no less action packed, so make sure you tell your friends and families to come out and have a look. With 4wd Buggy, the 8th scal big bangers, and a monster field of 28 Short Course Trucks, it is going to be an action packed day!

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