2013 Tiger Models Launceston Cup – Day 2 Results

While I will post the results up tonight from the massive day of racing today, I will write a fuller report during the week of the weekends results.

For those that managed to see it, Southern Cross News ran a fantastic piece about the weekends racing spanning a number of minutes, and including footage of a number of members on and off the track.  We believe that the Examiner Newspaper will be running an article as well tomorrow.  A full gallery of photos from Richard Green Photography will also appear later in the week. Full results as normal can be found at http://www.richardgreenphotography.com.au/LRC/

So for now, the results!

Short Course A

  1. Justin Strickland
  2. Adam Beresford
  3. Andre Mackenzie
  4. Mark Rayner
  5. Jarrod Painting
  6. Richard Skinner
  7. Calvin James
  8. Chris Madziara
  9. Leo Lorenzen

Short Course B

  1. Matthew Chandler
  2. Derek Beresford
  3. Jade Chandler
  4. Brady Anthes
  5. Justin King
  6. James Atkinson
  7. Wally Sturzaker
  8. Chris Strickland
  9. Brayden Jenni

Short Course C

  1. Richard Green
  2. Tom West
  3. Justin Harwood
  4. Mark Porteus
  5. Danny Tatnell
  6. Ben Deavin
  7. Phillip Ferguson
  8. Joel Toon

4wd Buggy Stock

  1. Ben Hoare
  2. Patrick Hume
  3. Calvin James
  4. Jade Chandler
  5. Sam Betts

4WD Buggy Mod

  1. Sam Wells
  2. Tim Parsons
  3. Mark Rayner
  4. Justin Strickland
  5. Jessie Hilder
  6. Ben Hoare
  7. Richard Skinner
  8. Damien Betts
  9. Leo Lorenzen

8th Big Bangers

  1. Steve Madziara
  2. Chris Madziara
  3. Phil Reibel
  4. Adam Beresford
  5. Joe Browning
  6. Justin King
  7. James Atkinson
  8. Andrew Green
  9. Danny Tatnell


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