Launceston Cup Results 2016

Thank you to all those who attended the 2016 Launceston Cup.  Whether it was as a racer or a spectator, it was great to see everyone there.  Congratulations goes to all who attended and made it the fun weekend it was.

Full results for day 1 can be found here.
Full results for day 2 can be found here.

The next race meet will be this Friday, August 12.

Day 1

2WD Stock Buggy A
1st Brady Anthes            (Q2)
2nd Andrew MacKenzie        (TQ)
3rd Damien Betts            (Q6)
4th Calvin James            (Q3)
5th Jessie Hilder           (Q4)
6th Jade Chandler           (Q7)
7th Cameron Johnson-Pfeiffer(Q10)
8th Zoltan Lokos            (Q5)
9th Justin Strickland       (Q9)
10th Callum Mitchell        (Q8)

2WD Stock Buggy B
1st Alex Court              (Q12)
2nd Daniel Loekoes          (Q11)
3rd Brad Whitchurch         (Q13)
4th Nathan Clark            (Q15)
5th Todd Maxfield           (Q17)
6th Sam Betts               (Q14)
7th Matthew Chandler        (Q16)
8th Justin Harwood          (Q18)
9th Danny Tatnell           (Q19)
10th Andrew Green           (Q20)

2WD Stock Buggy C
1st Gavin Thompson          (Q21)
2nd Richard Green           (Q22)
3rd Joel Toon               (Q24)
4th Jarius Holmes           (Q23)
5th James Atkinson          (Q25)
6th Josh Weber              (Q29)
7th Andrew Eberhardt        (Q26)
8th Ben Deavin              (Q28)
9th Derek Beresford         (Q27)

2WD Modified Buggy
1st Sam Wells               (TQ)
2nd Mark Rayner             (Q3)
3rd Justin Strickland       (Q5)
4th Tim Parsons             (Q7)
5th Jessie Hilder           (Q2)
6th Daniel Loekoes          (Q6)
7th Drew Butcher            (Q8)
8th Leo Lorenzen            (Q10)
9th Justin Harwood          (Q9)
10th Zoltan Lokos           (Q4)

1st Yannie Rettas           (Q3)
2nd Aaron Peck              (TQ)
3rd Andrew Green            (Q2)

Stadium Truck
1st Andrew MacKenzie        (TQ)
2nd Brady Anthes            (Q2)
3rd Calvin James            (Q3)
4th Todd Maxfield           (Q5)
5th Leo Lorenzen            (Q6)
6th Tom West                (Q7)
7th James Atkinson          (Q8)
8th Derek Beresford         (Q9)
9th Drew Butcher            (Q4)

Day 2

Junior Offroad 
1st Yannie Rettas           (TQ)
2nd Lucas Chandler          (Q2)
3rd Callum Green            (Q3)
4th Jenna Harwood           (Q4)

4WD Stock Buggy
1st Drew Butcher            (Q4)
2nd Sam Betts               (Q2)
3rd Gavin Thompson          (Q5)
4th Cameron Johnson-Pfeiffer(TQ)
5th Matthew Chandler        (Q3)
6th Andrew Green            (Q7)
7th Danny Tatnell           (Q6)
8th James Atkinson          (Q8)

Short Course Truck
1st Brady Anthes            (Q3)
2nd Calvin James            (TQ)
3rd Andrew MacKenzie        (Q2)
4th Alex Cort               (Q6)
5th Jade Chandler           (Q4)
6th Leo Lorenzen            (Q5)
7th Tom West                (Q7)
8th Richard Green           (Q8)
9th James Atkinson          (Q9)

4WD Modified Buggy
1st Brady Anthes            (TQ)
2nd Sam Wells               (Q3)
3rd Damien Betts            (Q4)
4th Jessie Hilder           (Q2)
5th Daniel Lokos            (Q5)
6th Zoltan Lokos            (Q6)
7th Cameron Johnson-Pfeiffer(Q8)
8th Justin Harwood          (Q9)
9th Drew Butcher            (Q7)


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