Results – Sunday 22 May 2022

Final results for Sundays Club Race are in, Congratulations to the winners in each class, Mark Nutting in 2wd Buggy Stock, Clint Brown in 4wd Buggy Stock and James Akinson in Outlaw for it’s fist official running.

Full results can be found at liveRC here

2wd Buggy Stock

  1. Mark Nutting
  2. Damien Betts
  3. Kohan Mould
  4. Andrew Mackenzie
  5. Andrew Barrett
  6. Zach Scott
  7. Linc Brown
  8. Derrick Berresford
  9. Ian Scott

4wd Buggy Stock

  1. Clint Brown
  2. Mark Nuting
  3. Jade Chandler
  4. Zach Scott
  5. Kohan Mould
  6. Matt Litte
  7. Andrew Barrett


  1. James Atkinson
  2. Richard Green
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