Racing Results: 31/03/2023

Ok, so this week i’m a little late posting results, but in my defence things have been hectic coming up to Easter. Numbers were a little lower again, but racing is racing!!!

I would also like to thank all those who stayed behind to help pack up the track and dismantle obstacles, it made a massive difference. A HUGE thankyou to Clint Brown and Andrew Mackenzie, who, along with myself, packed the remainder of the equipment into the container on Saturday. Despite Driday nights push, only carpet made it’s way into the container Friday night, meaning tables, chairs, heaters, fridge, filing cabinet, computers, ropes, bbq, gas bottles and more miscellany were packed into the container by just 3 people. It was a massive job, and kudos to them for getting the job done. Next time more workers would help out a lot.

Congratulations to all drivers, there was some stupendous racing right through the grid all night, and some very close results despite lower numbers for the night overall.

2wd Buggy – Stock

Driver NameA1A2A3Overall
Richard Green (Stadium Truck)1111
Brenton Beechy2222
Derek Beresford3333
Jade Rhodes4444
Peter Haworth5555

4wd Buggy – Stock

Driver NameA1A2A3Overall
Mark Nutting (TQ)1411
Clint Brown2122
Calvin James3243
Karl Mould4334
Andrew Barrett5545
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