Club Racing & Working Bee THIS WEEK!!

Yes, charge your batteries, put on some fresh tyres and lets race. Yes, I know in my last post I put details of this weeks racing, but it doesn’t hurt to remind you all.

So, doors open at 6, racing starts at 7. Bring a car, bring 2, bring a mate to drive a 3rd car, but what matters is that you get to the track and RACE!!!!

After racing finishes for the evening there will be some packing up of the track and surrounding equipment, however the main packing up will be on Saturday from 10am. The more hands we have on deck, the faster we will get it done. There is far less work to do this year to pack up because our storage container is now located beside the shed. We are still waiting to hear where we have to put our drivers stand however. So it may only take us a couple of hours to pack if we have enough people to help out.

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