2023 Club Memberships – Due Now!

Yes our membership fees for 2023 are now due. Membership fees are $50 per person, and $80 for a family. This goes towards paying our insurance, affiliation and more. The other benefit is of course your race night fees.

The first class for a member racing is of course $15, non club member fees of $20 have always been in place, but we have been a little slack in applying them the last few years. However that with recommence this year, even if it is an existing member who has yet to pay their membership. Of course a 2nd class for the evening is $5 and Transponder hire is still $5.

As some of you know, the Party in the Paddock is at Quercus Park at the end of January, as we will have to partially pack down the track for the organisers to use for this event, so if you have time to stay back and help move loose items into the container after racing tonight (the container is now beside the shed) that will be a big help, and an even bigger help will be to help 1/2 pack the shed after the next race meet on the 27th.

See you at racing tonight!

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