December 2022 Racing Dates

At this stage (pending Rural Youth approval) , December racing will be Friday the 2nd of December, and Sunday the 19th of December.

8th Big Bangers were one of the highlights of a great night’s racing. Here Dave Holloway gets the early jump with Paddy Hume ranging up on the outside – Circa 2010 at our track at Rutherglen

The 2nd of December will be a standard race meet, it will be what I am calling a “Reunion Race”. We invite you to come along, and race not only the normal classes, but a Vintage / Other class where you can bring your Short Course, Rally Car, Stadium Truck, Monster Truck etc (1:10 or smaller) . We will also have the BBQ on if you want to bring some meat to BBQ during the lunch Break. So make sure you invite any past members to either come out and see what the club is doing, or to bring an old car out of retirement for a run.

The race format will be the usual 1 Qualifier and 3 Finals that we are racing at the moment. Times for racing starts etc will be posted closer to the date, but lets get the ball rolling for this big End of Year / Reunion race to celebrate the end of our 9th year of racing at Quercus Park, and the end of our 12th year racing as Launceston R/C

Greenie launches the Blitz! – Rutherglen Circa 2010

As a bit of a throwback, have a look at the photos and results from our very first race meet here We’re away: First race meeting run and won! from February 2010, there may be some names you recognise in the results, and barely a buggy to be seen. Also check out our results from our first race at Quercus Park at Race results from 21 March 2013

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