Racing Results: 18/11/2022

Friday saw one of our better turn outs for racing since Agfest, and with it there was some fierce competition between drivers. However in the end there can only be one! ahem, I mean one winner.

It was also excellent to see a couple of returning members that haven’t races in a while like Damien Betts and Lucas Chandler, hopefully we will see you at more meets in the future. It was also excellent to see many of our new and young drivers out on the track having a crack.

2wd Buggy – Stock: A Main

  1. Calvin James
  2. Nick O’Toole
  3. Damien Betts
  4. Linc Brown
  5. Kohan Mould
  6. Derek Beresford
  7. Jade Chandler
  8. Andrew Mackenzie (TQ)

2wd Buggy – Stock: B Main

  1. Dennis Berwick
  2. Ian Scott
  3. Brenton Beechy
  4. Darrin Burston
  5. Josh Hayes
  6. Peter Haworth

2wd Buggy – Stock

  1. Calvin James (TQ)
  2. Clint Brown
  3. Richard Green (Stadium Truck)
  4. Kohan Mould
  5. Lucas Chandler
  6. Karl Mould
  7. Matt Little

For those that are new, or those that may need a refresher, i’ll re post some details from our Race Rules page in regards to racing and marshaling

Racing Etiquette

Drivers are expected to follow some simple guidelines for racing etiquette. Race directors may issue a warning to drivers  during a race including a stop & go penalty (there will be a designated stop/go penalty box marked on the race track). A second warning within a race may result in a one-lap penalty being applied. Repeated offences may result in exclusion from the event.

  • No abusive language toward marshalls or other drivers will be tolerated
  • No corner-cutting or short-cutting the track. If you accidentally short-cut, wait either for a marshal to return you to the correct part of the track, or wait long enough to ensure that no advantage is gained. This applies even if you accidentally short-cut due to a crash that is not your fault.
  • No ‘hacking’ other drivers. Intentionally or recklessly crashing into other cars is called hacking. It’s your responsibility to ensure you leave the drivers around you enough space – including not charging into corners and using other cars as brakes!
  • If you have caused another car to crash, wait for the other car to be marshaled before proceeding.
  • When being lapped by faster drivers, it’s polite to leave a little space to ensure they can get by within minimal delay. You don’t need to pull of the track, or stop – just leave a little room and talk on the driver’s stand. For example you might say  “Go inside on the next corner John” and just leave enough room for the driver lapping you to do so
  • If you feel aggrieved about an incident on the track, please take it up with the race director


Marshalling is part of racing. We can’t race without marshalls. The task of marshalls is to upright overturned cars, return crashed cars to the race track, and seperate cars that have become locked together. Guidelines for marshalls (all of us) are:

  • You are obliged to marshall the race immediately after your own. If you fail to marshall your race result may be cancelled. Repeated failure may result in exclusion from the event
  • Please don’t eat, drink, film or text while marshalling!
  • If you are running multiple classes, and the sequence of classes is such that you are in back-to-back races, it is your responsibility to organise a substitute marshall
  • If you cannot marshall due to physical limitations, please advise race control
  • There are designated marshalling points (marked by witches hats), and orange high-vis vests. Please wear the vest at your point to ensure that race director and drivers can clearly see and identify you as a marshall
  • Your first responsibility as marshall is your own safety. Don’t enter the track unless you are certain there are no oncoming vehicles that threaten your safety. This is particularly true if you are marshalling areas near jumps, and on the main straight.
  • If multiple vehicles crash, generally try to fix them in the order they crash
  • If a driver has the throttle opened, don’t pick up the car. Standing over it, hands in the air, indicates you are waiting for the driver to release the throttle or apply brakes
  • Marshalls are not in place to repair broken cars. If a car breaks, remove it from the track and pass it around the outside (through other marshalls) back to the pit area for repairs.
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