Racing Results: 04/11/2022

Racing was back on and we are trying to get numbers to increase to get more competitive racing happening. I apologise for the delay, but I will try and get results up faster in the future, so without further delay!

Driver NameA1 ResultA2 ResultA3 ResultFinal Result
Brenton Beechy1 111
Dennis Berwick3222
Jack Parrish2333
Scott Poke4444
Driver NameA1 resultA2 ResultA3 resultFinal Result
Nick Otool3111
Andrew Mackenzie (TQ)2422
Jade Chandler1263
Andrew Barrett4354
Derick Beresford5535
Ian Scott6646

If any names are misspelled , please find me during the night and I will correct them in the system at the next race meet. Congratulations to Nick and Brenton for taking your category wins last week!

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