2019 Annual General Meeting

As some of you know last race meet also doubled as the Annual General Meeting for Launceston R/C

A number of issues were discussed, amongst which were the change of computer software and increase in race fees.

Since the inception of the club we have Purchased, run and upgraded a couple of versions of Alycat race software, an Australian designed piece of software.  However recently development and support of that product were discontinued.  As such the committee looked at transitioning to a new software package used elsewhere called Livetime.  This product is more stable, and more logical to use, at the cost of a little automation that Alycat had.  The other downside is cost.  Whereas the version of Alycat we had was a one time fee, Livetime works on a subscription basis where you pay by the month, or more cost effectively, by the year.

To help offset this fee the committee examined increasing race fees from $10 for the first class, to $15 for the first class for members.  We looked at other clubs around the country and many were $10 for the first class, others $20 and higher.  Given that we have to pay rent for each race night, and the added fee from Livetime, the committee decided that would be the most effective method to continue to cover our costs.  This was put to a vote at the agm, along with the decision to move to Livetime permanently (after the trial at the state titles).  This motion was unanimously carried.

As such the change to the race fees begin from this week, as will our use of Livetime.  The prices are as below:

  • 1st race class for members $15
  • Junior racers under 16 years of age $10
  • 2nd entry is still an extra $5

Other items discussed at the agm were

  • Weekend Racing: For a trial period of perhaps 2-3 months at the start of 2020, we will race 1 fortnight on Friday night, and the following fortnight on the Sunday to allow more track time for juniors as well as all members
  • It was suggested that as a club we have a float in the Christmas parade to raise the profile of the club
  • 2020 will be a Launceston R/C Cup year, not a state titles, and it was suggested that the club run a food stall for the event.  This will be looked into by the committee.

Office bearers for the coming year were also elected as follows:

  • President: Clint Brown
  • Secretary: Richard Green
  • Treasurer: Jade Chandler assisted by Andrew Mackenzie
  • Race Director: Damien Betts
  • Track Director: Brady Anthes
  • Committee members: Andrew Barrett, Karl Mould, Ben Scott and Daniel Ahearne.

Congratulations to the new committee, and lets look forward to another great year!

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