Hearns Hobbies 2019 State Titles Update No.3

We have a bit of a Good news / Bad news update this afternoon.

The Bad news is that our order of 2WD Front tyres have been delayed and will not arrive in time for the State Titles. We have heard that Metro Hobbies have Schumacher 2wd fronts. If you are having any problems, tyre order professional Brady Anthes is the person to talk to.

The Good news is that the Rear Tyres still to come will arrive in time for those that have placed orders. We also have stock of the following tyres. If you need any catch up with Brady Anthes and he can sort you out:

  • Stadium Truck Front and Rear Tyres
  • Short Course Truck Front and Rear (1 set of each).

In other news, the Yokomo kit for the raffle from Sponsor Hearns Hobbies has arrived, Alex Cort has the raffle tickets and you can purchase them now, with tickets $2 each, or 3 for $5

Remember that amazing offer of a free drink at Broth Me if you hadn’t seen it already, details are on the post from Saturday here

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