May Bash at St John Craft Beer

Launceston R/C was set up with a generic sounding name for a reason, so that if there was the interest we could branch out to Quad Racing, Aerobatics, rc construction equipment, crawlers or whatever.

May brings a different opportunity for everybody for a get together as Launceston R/C has been asked to participate in a Photography workshop run by Stallards Camera House.  Olympus is launching a new camera, and our RC cars are providing a fast target for the photography on the 23rd of May from 6pm until 8 pm.

Any electric vehicles are welcome, I will probably have my Rally Car on drift tyres as well as a racing buggy or two.  So bring our monster truck, bring your short course truck, but just make sure it is ELECTRIC, not nitro.  We will be running in St John Craft Beer’s carpark to the rear and we hope to have some ropes and jumps there to lay out a bit of a circuit.

This is a great chance for some fun and relaxed time behind the wheel, although it will be on bitumen so have appropriate tyres!  We will need to have the cars running for 3 sessions of 30 minutes, so between multiple batteries and staggered runs I am sure we can give the photographers some interesting photography subjects. It is also a great PR opportunity for the club to introduce new people to what we do, so your best behaviour is required!  We will also be given many of the images taken to use for club promotion, or your own personal memories.   If you are available we need to be set up before 6:30, so help setting up would be great.

Please comment here or on the facebook group if you are available.

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