Racing Friday

OK every body this is the last meeting for the next 2 months due to Agfest

With that being said after the racing Friday night with every bodies help we will pack up all the ropes and carpet. This makes the night a little longer but if every one helps it doesn’t take long. For those people who have tables,lights car stands etc. they will need to be collected Friday night, you will not have access to them for 2 months and there will be no responsibility for any damage to items with the move.

Then Saturday after noon 2pm I ask the help of people to transport every thing up to the container. So if you have a trailer or ute and can help this will also make for a shorter day.

Next question if any one has access to a car trailer this would help greatly as we do not have access to the trailer we have used in the past, hope some one can help this is mainly for the rolls of carpet

See you all Friday


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