2018 State Title Update 1 – Sponsors and Stock Motors

Day 1 and we already have an update for you!

We would like to welcome 720 Spin as a first time sponsor for one of our events. 720 Spin is an Australian company producing a range of setup equipment for 1:10 vehicles including toe and camber gauges, setup wheels and wire organisers. 720 Spin will be sponsoring the 2wd Modified and 4wd Modified classes. Visit their webstore at https://www.720spin.com.au


The other part of tonight’s news is a rule clarificationin regards to the stock class motors.

Because of a number of contributing factors, the stock classes for the 2018 state title will revert to the approved list instead of the control motor that is normally the case. Future state titles hosted by Launceston R/C will revert back to the control motor.

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