YEP!!! We’re NEARLY there people!!!!!

Next Friday night, the doors ARE OPEN!!!!

Friday the 15th will be a practice and setup night open to racers and guests, to get back in the swing, and remember what your doing!!!!!
This will also serve as an opportunity for us to fine tune the track a little, as a new track will always throw an odd ball here and there, and for racers to get a feel for the new layout.

This will start out as a controlled practice, class by class, with drivers marshalling after they have run.

Doors open by 5pm
Finishing up at 10pm(ish)
$10 for the night


Friday night the 22nd, will be the first official race night, with all the usual classes up for offer, with 2x Quallies and 2x final racing format.

Doors open by 5pm
Racing start 7pm

$10 per class
$5 for second class

$10 for FIRST THREE(3) meets , $15 there after

*On a personal note, a HUGE shout out to the committee members that where able to tee up, and 1) move us back 2) setup the new track. A lot of effort and personal time was involved, and is GREATLY appreciated. Without them and effort and commitment like this, we would still be waiting. Thanks guys!!


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