Race Report for August 11, 2017

Thanks to everyone who attended Friday’s race meet.  Hopefully everyone got home safely after the rain.  Full results can be found here.

The Launceston Cup is now less than two weeks away.  For those who haven’t entered yet, all the the information can be found here.  The Launceston Cup is always run as a fun event with great racing but it’s not just for the experienced racers.  All novices and juniors are encouraged to enter.  For those novice juniors who would like to race both days, they can also enter the Novice class on the Saturday and the junior class on the Sunday.  For those who won’t be entering, come on out and have a look.

Thanks to everyone who has already paid for their entry which helps the club with the extra expenses in preparing to run the event.  If entries can be paid by direct deposit prior to the event, that would be appreciated.  Payment details can be found on the Launceston Cup page.  If payment cannot be made by direct deposit, please don’t let that stop you from entering as payments will be taken on the day as well.

1st Joe Neeson (Q3)
2nd Link Brown (Q2)
3rd Zack Scott (TQ)
4th Wes Burgess (Q5)
5th Callum Green (Q4)
6th Ben Scott (Q6)
7th Steve Enkarra (Q7)
2wd Short Course
1st Alex Cort (TQ)
2nd Calvin James (Q2)
3rd Jade Chandler (Q3)
4th Chris Madziara (Q5)
5th Tom West (Q4)
6th Richard Green (Q8) (Stadium Truck)
7th James Atkinson (Q6)
8th Aaron Burgess (Q9)
9th Derek Beresford (Q7)
2wd Mod Buggy A
1st Brady Anthes (Q2)
2nd Steve Madziara (Q5)
3rd Andrew MacKenzie (TQ)
4th Callum Mitchell (Q3)
5th Jade Chandler (Q6)
6th Calvin James (Q4)
2wd Mod Buggy B
1st Daniel Lokos (Q7)
2nd Damien Betts (Q10)
3rd Tom West (Q11)
4th Sam Betts (Q8)
5th Zoltan Lokos (Q9)
2wd Stock Buggy A
1st Alex Cort (TQ)
2nd Chris Madziara (Q6)
3rd Matthew Chandler (Q2)
4th Danny Tatnell (Q4)
5th Clint Brown (Q8)
6th James Atkinson (Q5)
2wd Stock Buggy B
1st Damien Betts (Q7)
2nd Mark Cullen (Q12)
3rd Aaron Burgess (Q10)
4th Kohen Mould (Q9)
5th Josh Weber (Q11)
6th Karl Mould (Q3)
4wd Mod Buggy
1st Brady Anthes (Q2)
2nd Andrew MacKenzie (TQ)
3rd Callum Mitchell (Q4)
4th Daniel Lokos (Q3)
5th Karl Mould (Q5)
6th Leo Lorenzen (Q6)
7th Zoltan Lokos (Q7)
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