ANNOUNCEMENT: Short Course Tyre Change

As announced earlier in the year, the Committee was looking at ways to bring the fun back into Short Course Truck racing at Launceston R/C and it was decided that method would be a change away from carpet specific tyres.  Short Course Truck rules can be found on this page of Launceston RC – SCT Rules

After some testing to see what would work, the committee has decided on an old favourite from SCT racing of past at LRC, the Team Associated SC10 tyre part number 9809, fitted with the standard foams (not closed cell) that the tyre comes with.  You may also use the pre mounted versions from Team Associated if you wish to do so.


This change will take effect after the Launceston Cup, so starting on the race meet scheduled for the 8th of September.   This tyre choice harks back to the origins of Launceston R/C when SCT was our most popular class while racing at Rutherglen and we only allowed 13.5t motors, and only tyres from Ready to Run (RTR) Short Course Trucks, although HPI trepadors were generally the choice of the drivers.

HPI trepador tyres, as well as their standard foams, will also be allowed, however the SC10 tyre is recommended as it appears to have better performance on the surface that we race on. The HPI part number for these is 103337 MAXXIS TREPADOR BELTED TIRE D COMPOUND and like the associated tyre comes with an open cell foam that is to be used.


HPI Maxxis Trepador (Stock Blitz tyres)

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