Friday night Racing

Hows everyone going on the wet and miserable Sunday???

YEP!!! Friday night is Race night. And regardless of the weather….. we’ll be racing!!!!! Also, the last chance to test and tune before the 2017 Launnie Cup!! If you haven’t entered, time is running out!! Hit up this link!!
Launceston Cup Entry’s
We need them in so we can finalise the classes for the event.

As well as the Cup, Membership fees are also now over Due. If you haven’t completed these, come and see us at race control Friday, as we have forms there.

Friday night we roll the doors up by 5pm, fire up the computer, and hit the track and race at 7pm.

BBQ will be hot and cooking for a good old feed (and a big thank you to the Corts once again for running this for us)


So come on out and have a race, test and tune, and drop that lap time!!



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