Results for Friday March 10, 2017

Thanks to everyone who attended Friday’s race meet.  Full results can be found here.

2wd Modified Buggy
1st Sam Wells (TQ)
2nd Steve Madziara (Q2)
3rd Daniel Lokos (Q3)
4th Matthew Chandler (Q4)
5th Zoltan Lokos (Q5)
6th Derek Beresford (Q6)
4wd Modified Buggy
1st Brady Anthes (Q3)
2nd Daniel Lokos (TQ)
3rd Callum Mitchell (Q2)
4th Andrew Green (Q4)
Junior Offroad
1st James Atkinson (Stadium Truck) (Q2)
2nd Danny Tatnell (4WD Stock Buggy) (TQ)
3rd Yannie Rettas (Q3)
4th Lucas Chandler (Q4)
5th Wes Burgess (Q6)
6th Link Williams (Q5)
7th Ryan Cullen (Q7)
2wd Stock Buggy A
1st Brady Anthes (TQ)
2nd Alex Cort (Q2)
3rd Jade Chandler (Q3)
4th Damien Betts (Q6)
5th Callum Mitchell (Q4)
6th Matthew Chandler (Q7)
7th Calvin James (Q5)
8th Chris Madziara (Q8)
2wd Stock Buggy B
1st Sam Betts (Q9)
2nd Danny Tatnell (Q10)
3rd James Atkinson (Q12)
4th Jamie Jordan (Q13)
5th Mark Cullen (Q15)
6th Nick O’Toole (Q11)
7th Aaron Burgess (Q16)
8th Clint Brown (Q14)
2wd Short Course Truck
1st Jade Chandler (TQ)
2nd Alex Cort (Q2)
3rd Calvin James (Q3)
4th Chris Madziara (Q4)
5th Derek Beresford (Q5)
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