Help Needed – 2017 State Titles

As some of you may be aware, or will be now, the Committee has been working toward applying for the 2017 Tasmanian EP Off Road Titles fore 2017.  This has been discussed for some years and the last two successful cup events have cemented that we want to push through and do the work needed to hold this event which requires a level higher of organisation and time again from what we have done in the past.

One of the issues that we need YOUR help with is the four official positions that need to be filled with members for the event.  These members will not be able to compete at the event and there is a number of jobs that they will need to undertake.  If you are interested in filling one of these positions, please let me (Richard Green) know and you can ask questions here, on facebook, face to face or via email at .  Of course these positions can be filled by anybody not competing, parents, friends, partners, spouses etc.  So if you know somebody that has the time to help over the 3 days of the event (Friday to Sunday) then please let us know ASAP!!!

Below are the job descriptions and titles for the 4 non competing positions required to hold a state title event.  There is also Technical Assistants, Concourse Judge however these positions may be held by competitors.

  1. Referee
    • One or more referees must be present for the Championship. The Referee must be experienced and unbiased, with a good knowledge of the current AARCMCC rules.
    • The main task of the Referee is to observe the racing, and in particular, the good sportsmanship during the racing. The Referee will ensure that everyone observes the current rules.
    • The Referee may be called for information by the State Jury.
    •  Referees must be provided with an area from where all parts of the track, the drivers’ stand and pit lane can be observed.
    • At all times during qualifying heats and finals, the Referee present will be watching and observing the racing from start to finish.
    • The Referee will keep a record of the instructions, warnings, and penalties issued. Warnings and penalties will be posted on the result sheet.
    • Referee’s Authority
      • The Referee on duty is authorised to make decisions about the Championship, and to issue and announce instructions, warnings, penalties and disqualifications.
      • The Referee has the right to use their discretion to issue a penalty instead of a warning for any serious infringement of the rules.
      • The Referee has the right to issue penalties for racing infringements. The penalties will range from Stop/Go + time in seconds, to a one-lap penalty.
      •  A Referee may take action after an initial warning, but in all cases, three warnings or penalties means automatic disqualification (See Section 8.1.6 and 8.1.7).
      • The Referee has the authority to instruct other Race Officials to take remedial action in any situation, which might compromise the well running of the race meeting. Any serious situation will be referred to either the State Jury, AARCMCC EP representative or the Host Club representative before taking any action.
      • Under no circumstances may an instruction, warning or penalty issued by the Referees lead to the interruption of the whole race.
      • Instructions issued by the Referee must be observed immediately.
      • Reasons for warning or instruction will be announced at the time of issue. Further explanation, if necessary, will be given to the competitor or the State Delegate at the end of the race.
      • During the event, if the Race Director and Referee agree, they will have the authority to disqualify a competitor and/or a whole team, if one member of that team is positively interfering with the racing of another car in the event.
  2. Race Director
    • The Race Director is responsible to follow the schedule of the Championship and liaise with the host club as required. The Race Director ensures that the various tasks under their responsibility are well done, including, but not limited to:
      • Time keeping
      • Start procedures
      • Marshalling
      • Display of results
      • Comments to the public
      • Comments to the drivers
      • Technical inspection
      • Frequency control
    • The Race Director receives and processes protests and decides if the State Jury has to meet. They take urgent decisions or stops a race for safety, rain or any other unforeseen situation. They are under the authority of AARCMCC.
  3. Time Keeper
    • The Time Keeper is responsible for recording all the individual lap times and total laps plus finishing time of all drivers during all qualification heats and finals. They are responsible for the classification of the results and for selecting of the finals. The Race Director must verify this classification and selection.
    • After the finish of any heat or final, the results of the first and second time keeping systems are compared by the Time Keeper. Should there be a difference in the result, the Time Keeper will investigate both results and make a decision of the final result.
    • In case of a request for checking of the results, the Time Keeper, together with the Race Director, will check on the questioned result and will make the decision. The Race Director will authorise any change of results.
  4. Technical Director
    • A Technical Director will be appointed by the host club to supervise all technical inspection matters.
    • The Technical Director is responsible for overseeing the Technical Inspection of all cars throughout the Championship and ensuring that cars meet the technical rules.
    • The Technical Director has the authority to technically disqualify any car or item that does not meet the relevant technical rules.
    • The Technical Director may delegate inspection duties to Technical Assistants. The Technical Director must ensure that the Technical Assistants are consistent in their application of the rules.
    • The Technical Director must delegate their duty to another suitable Race Official where a direct conflict of interest with a technical inspection or technical decision occurs.
    • All technical issues will be referred to the Technical Director
    • Technical Inspection is always the responsibility of the Technical Director. It is not the duty or the responsibility of the Race Director or Referee to check if cars conform to the technical rules.
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