Racing 28th, Demo day 29th


Yep, information time again!!!

This Saturday 29th, is the Launceston Model Expo. As this is a massive opportunity to showcase our sport. It will be run in full race mode, but with relaxed classes, due to unknown numbers, but it will be a standard class by class, set up. So 2wd with 2wd, SCT and ST, 4wd with 4wd and so on, completely dependant on numbers.

We are also offering a “mixed bag” class also, for 1/8th, nitro, Monster truck and so on, If it runs BRING IT ON!! got a spare car, BRING A MATE!!!!!!

The track WILL BE CARPET, with jumps, bumps and lumps for the off road cars. Someone has asked about onroad cars, unfortunately the track probably will be unsuitable for onroad cars sorry. There might be enough room around the outside of the track, but unsure sorry

TIMING SYSTEM will be there also, so all the heavy lifting for me will be taken up with transponders. YES TRANSPONDERS WILL BE UP AND RUNNING!!! But dont panic if you dont have one, YOU CAN STILL RACE!!! The computer just wont count your laps sorry.


After racing Friday night, we’ll be packing up some jumps, carpet and odds and sods to make up the track Saturday morning from 7:30am.

7:30-8:00am – Track setup

7:30-8:30-9am – entry to Aurora Stadium Via the LARGE SIDE GATES for those with lots of gear
(this isnt 100% for 9am, as i haven’t had confirmation of the event start time, but the gate WILL BE CLOSED prior to the start of the event. Access will then be through the event gates)

1pm-ish – A short break for Lunch.

3:00-4:30 will be completion of the last of the finals, and pack up. This is completely dependant on the number of rounds and racers.


This is a great opportunity to incise new members, so we ask for clean racing and everyone to be on their best behaviours, as we, as a sport, will be on display. It is a heap of fun, and a great time, so lets get as many involved!!!!



FRIDAY 28th, is our standard Race night, with Doors open by 5pm and Racing to commence at 7pm.

Gonna be an AWESOME weekend of racing!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SEE YOU ALL THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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