Race Results for October 14, 2016

Thanks to everyone who came to last  night’s race meet.  Two special items to mention.  Firstly thanks to everyone for the great job in helping out with the marshaling.  Given the low attendance it was a real help to have everyone volunteering.

The second special item of interest was the custom gearbox being run by Calvin James. Durango doesn’t offer a lay down transmission for the DEX210.   Calvin has done an amazing constructing a gearbox from a piece of aluminium sheet showing great ingenuity.  The transmission ran well all night and highlighted another side to the hobby of RC.  I can’t wait to see how this develops.  A picture can be found here, courtesy of Leo Lorezen.  Well done Calvin!

Full results can be found here.  The next meet will be Friday, October 28.

Novice / Stadium Truck
1st James Atkinson (TQ) (Stadium Truck)
2nd Clint Brown (Q2)
3rd Ryan Cullen (Q3)
2WD Modified Buggy
1st Steve Madziara (TQ)
2nd Zoltan Lokos (Q3)
3rd Daniel Lokos (Q2)
4th Gavin Thompson (Q4)
5th Sam Betts (Q6)
6th Damien Betts (Q5)
7th Matthew Chandler (Q7)
Short Course Truck
1st Calvin James (TQ)
2nd Chris Madziara (Q2)
3rd Alex Cort (Q3)
4th Leo Lorenzen (Q5)
5th James Atkinson (Q4)
6th Aaron Peck (Q6)
2WD Stock Buggy
1st Zoltan Lokos (TQ)
2nd Chris Madziara (Q2)
3rd Calvin James (Q3)
4th Danny Tatnell (Q4)
5th Aaron Peck (Q5)
6th Mark Cullen (Q6)
4WD Modified Buggy
1st Daniel Lokos (Q2)
2nd Damien Betts (TQ)
3rd Andrew MacKenzie (Q3)
4th Gavin Thompson (Q4)
5th Matthew Chandler (Q5)
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