Racing this Friday – 24th June, 2016

Racing returns to Quercus Park this Friday (24/06) with all our regular classes including: Novice, 2WD Short Course Truck, Stadium Truck, 2WD and 4WD Buggy classes including the always popular and close 2WD Stock Buggy.

All racers and spectators welcome.  Old or young, experienced or beginner, come and join in the fun this Friday.

Doors open by 5:00pm, entries close at 6:50pm with racing to start at 7:00pm.  If you are going to be late, please feel free to add a comment with the class you wish to enter.

Results from the last meet (10/06) are below.  Full results can be found here.

A reminder that as we come to the end of June, memberships will be coming due.

1st Mark Cullen      (TQ)
2nd Lucas Chandler   (Q2)
3rd Yannie Rettas    (Q3)
4th Callum Green     (Q4)

2wd Stock Buggy A
1st Damien Betts     (Q2)
2nd Daniel Loekoes   (Q3)
3rd Jade Chandler    (Q7)
4th Chris Madziara   (Q4)
5th Andrew Mac       (TQ)
6th Calvin James     (Q5)
7th Danny Tatnell    (Q9)
8th Justin Harwood   (Q10)
9th Alex Court       (Q6)
10th Gavin Thompson  (Q8)

2wd Stock Buggy B
1st Brady Anthes     (Q19)
2nd Sam Betts        (Q11)
3rd Andrew Green     (Q12)
4th Zoltan Lokos     (Q14)
5th Josh Burrows     (Q15)
6th Callum Mitchell  (Q13)
7th Richard Green    (Q16)
8th Joel Toon        (Q18)
9th Leo Lorenzen     (Q17)

Short Course Truck
1st Brady Anthes     (TQ)
2nd Chris Madziara   (Q2)
3rd Alex Court       (Q6)
4th Matthew Chandler (Q4)
5th Joel Toon        (Q7)
6th Calvin James     (Q3)
7th Leo Lorenzen     (Q5)

4WD Stock/4WD Modified/2WD Modified Buggy
1st Daniel Loekoes   (Q2)
2nd Steve Madziara   (TQ)
3rd Matthew Chandler (Q4)
4th Gavin Thompsin   (Q3)
5th Justin Harwood   (Q5)
6th Derek Beresford  (Q6)
7th Damien Betts     (Q7)
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