The Battle of Friday night continues!!

HA HA!!! YEP!! We’re on like Donkey Kong peeps!!

Friday night, is race night yet again!! 1/4/2016 we again open the doors again for the FINAL race meet before Agfest.

Doors open by 5pm – racing to start at 7pm

So, here’s the plan guys and gals, after the completion of racing, we need as much help as possible, to help roll the carpet up, and pack up as much as we can.

****THEN on SATURDAY MORNING 02/04/2016 9.30AM****, we need help to move all of the track components to the back of the site, all out of the way, as per our agreement with the Rural Youth Committee.

It is again at this point I NEED to point out, yet again, that it is a working bee for the CLUB, not JUST the committee. We are all too understanding, in the fact that social lives, family commitments, all fall into the weekend, but i digress, this is a CLUB working bee. Unfortunately, it is all to often left to the committee to do all the work. The committee is made up COMPLETELY of volunteer member, already giving up their own time outside of race nights, in order to make the club run, and it has become all too common for these CLUB working bees, to be COMPLETELY made up of JUST committee members, and it is just not fair.

I want to make people understand this fact, we the committee are here to make the club run, as a club, we are NOT a labour force for the club.

no committee = no club
no members = no club
no track = no club

PLEASE make the effort before its too late.



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