Race Results from November 13, 2015

Full race results can be found here.

Next race meet to be held Friday, November 27.

1st Vaun Van Aspran  (Q2)
2nd Callum Green     (Q9)
NT Danial Van Aspran (Q3)
NT Scott Van Aspran  (Q4)
NT Jaccp Poulden     (Q5)
NT Gerald Van Aspran (Q6)
NT Andrew Westwood   (Q7)
NT Oliver Westwood   (Q8)

2wd Stock A
1st Jade Chandler    (Q7)
2nd Calvin James     (TQ)
3rd Damien Betts     (Q4)
4th Andrew MacKenzie (Q3)
5th Jarrod Painting  (Q5)
6th Brady Anthes     (Q2)
7th Matthew Chandler (Q6)

2wd Stock B 
1st Todd Maxfield    (Q9)
2nd Chris Madziara   (Q10)
3rd Andrew Green     (Q8)
4th Sam Bettz        (Q13)
5th Danny Tatnell    (Q11)
6th Richard Green    (Q12)
7th Alex Court       (Q14)

Short Course A
1st Brady Anthes     (TQ)
2nd Nathan Clark     (Q5)
3rd Damien Betts     (Q7)
4th Bill Van Aspran  (Q6)
5th Calvin James     (Q4)
6th Jade Chandler    (Q2)
7th Todd Maxfield    (Q8)
8th Chris Madziara   (Q3)

Short Course B 
1st Dean Van Aspran  (Q15)
2nd Corey Van Aspran (Q9)
3rd Sam Bettz        (Q10)
4th Joel Toon        (Q11)
5th Callum Mitchell  (Q13)
6th Shaun Toon       (Q12)
7th Bryan Polden     (Q14)

2wd Modified Buggy
1st Steve Madziara   (TQ)
2nd Danny Tatnell    (Q2)
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