Race Report for September 11, 2015

Friday saw plenty of smiles and some great racing.  Jade Chandler and Todd Maxfield were excited to be debuting theirs SC5M short course trucks and Mat Chandler was very pleased with the performance of his Schumacher KF 2wd buggy on its first outing.  Myself, I had a ball running a buggy I haven’t run much lately (nicknamed the “sausage dog”) and it was fantastic on the track 🙂

Race highlights include Stock Buggy and Short Course Truck classes.  Congratulations to Nathan Clark (Short Course) and Jade Chandler (Stock Buggy) who took their first (I think) overall class wins for the night.  Congratulations also goes to Sam Betts on his 4th place in Short Course Truck.

Unfortunately I’m unable to see all the races so if anyone has their own highlights, changes they made that helped, pictures or videos, add it in the comments.

Full results can be found here.

2wd Stock Buggy A
1st Jade Chandler   (Q4)
2nd Calvin James    (TQ)
3rd Andrew MacKenzie(Q2)
4th Damien Betts    (Q3)
5th Matthew Chandler(Q5)
6th Nathan Clark    (Q6)
7th Chris Madziara  (Q7)
8th Sam Bettz       (Q8)

2wd Stock B
1st Zoltan Lokos    (Q10)
2nd Danny Tatnell   (Q9)
3rd Brad Whitchurch (Q11)
4th Andrew Green    (Q14)
5th Daniel Loekoes  (Q13)
6th Richard Green   (Q12)
7th Josh Weber      (Q15)

4WD Mod Buggy 
1st Tim Parsons     (Q3)
2nd Zoltan Lokos    (TQ)
3rd Damien Betts    (Q2)
4th Daniel Loekoes  (Q4)

Short Course Truck
1st Nathan Clark    (Q4)
2nd Calvin James    (Q2)
3rd Chris Madziara  (Q3)
4th Sam Bettz       (Q7)
5th Jade Chandler   (TQ)
6th Todd Maxfield   (Q5)
7th Brad Whitchurch (Q6)
8th James Atkinson  (Q8)
9th Philip Ferguson (Q9)

1st Alex Court      (Q2)
2nd Callum Mitchell (TQ)
3rd Shane Toon      (Q4)
4th Bryan Polden    (Q3)
5th Joel Toon       (Q5)
6th Josh Burrows    (Q6)

Stadium Truck
1st Todd Maxfield   (TQ)
2nd Danny Tatnell   (Q2)
3rd James Atkinson  (Q3)
4th Josh Weber      (Q4)

2wd Modified Buggy
1st Tim Parsons     (TQ)
2nd Steve Madziara  (Q2)
3rd Leo Lorenzen    (Q3)

We also held the AGM before racing.  Thanks to those who have served the club over the past year and to those who have volunteered to help this coming year.

Remember though that the club is there for its members, so please, if anyone has any issues they would like to raise or ideas on how the club might improve please feel free to see any of the committee members.

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