ARE YOU READY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And in the final hours of preparations …….

  • Batteries – CHECK
  • Remote – CHECK
  • Cars – CHECK
  • Tools – CKECK
  • Bathers and beach towel…. ???? HuH?? WRONG LIST……

Yep, the final count down is ON, till the start of the Launceston Toyota R/C Cup!!! Just some last minute bits and pieces!

  • Friday night, the BBQ will be fired up with Snags and Hamburgers for sale, as well as the standard, chips, chocolate and soft drink

For those who haven’t been to our track before some points of interest.

  • The water on the site is NOT drinkable, tho we do have a canteen with water and some soft drink, if you are one that drinks in large volumes, remember to bring some extra.

Parking is in the paddock out the back, but NOT up near the shed, need this space free for the Coffee and food vans. Parking on the access road side is  FOR THE COMMITTEE ONLY, and for the Toilets.(insert bad pic below!!! hey, im doing this in work hours!!!!)

  • Use the no parking area as a drop-off zone, get your gear inside, and then park your car out of the way please


Now, access to the site is via the THRID driveway, coming off the highway from Launceston, the other gates will be locked. After the main gate,(middle entry) there is a small rise in the road, START BRAKING, entry is on the down side of that rise!!! (another poor pic effort!!)


  • I will have the running order up on the back of the drivers stand tomorrow. ALL drivers, please check that you are in the right classes for both days, and the your transponder number IS CORRECT FOR ALL CLASSES. This is your responsibility to make sure these are correct!!!!

If there is an error(I’m sure i’ll make the odd one) please come and see me at race control, with what needs to be changed, or the correct numbers in hand.

Those who cant make it out tomorrow night, don’t panic, go check first thing Saturday(or Sunday) morning/s, and do the same, check all classes you’ve entered, and said transponder numbers, i’ll be at race control!!

  • Anyone who has offered a table for the main land drivers, please don’t forget to bring them!!!

Cool, I think that was all, cant remember anything else….

Thank you, and see you track side!!!!


your Supreme Overlord,



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2 Responses to ARE YOU READY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Just to make things harder on you I must back out of 4WD buggy as the SERPENT SRX-4 which id hope to début this weekend is still NOT HERE and 4×4 SCT is out as well unfortunately , but can you take my entry for one these and put me in ST sorry for any stuffing around you need to do


  2. I am!! But I have seemed to lost my Sc10 4×4 SCT Battery Brace from the Open Track day, If I cant find it i’ll be running my 2wd SCT in Open SCT & i’ll be heading out tonight to double check my Transponder numbers & Pay my Entry Fee!!

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