Yep, you know the drill!!!

3….2….1…. RACING!!!!

Friday the 24th, is race night!!! Charge your batts, and throw on a jumper, as we do battle once again!!
This is the last round of the points series, also the second last chance to get some carpet time!!!
Second last??? YEP!!! Too right! We’re planning an open day, I believe on a Sunday 26th(so this weekend) to get a little bit more track time before the Launceston Cup. Confirmation on this will follow, so please stay tuned, as we’ll announce this later today. It will be determined on the numbers willing to attend, as we will need to cover the rent for the extra day this month.

SO!! get ready for an action packed night of close racing!!!!

Doors open by 5pm racing to start at 7pm sharp!!!

Gonna be late(?), drop us a line on Face book, and let us know classes, as it will surely be a packed roster!!

SEE YA THERE!!!!!!!!!


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  1. I’m back in my 2 Trucks Classes for more practise then might bring the 4wd SCT on Sunday Practise Day

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