Race Report from June 26th, 2015

Wow, what a night.  The track fairies have truly been busy.  Racers were presented with a higher drivers’ stand, new jumps and changed layout.  The results were amazing.  Massive thanks must go to Matthew Chandler, Sam Wells, Damien Betts and Jade Chandler for all their hard work.  The changes are outstanding and make a huge difference.

With racers faced with new challenges getting around the track was a fine balance between speed and consistency and their was no shortage of highlights.

In Short Course, the Van Asperen’s again made the highlights reel, Cory getting a win and a third in the Short Course B mains to assure him an overall victory in Short Course B for the night.  Cory’s older brother Dean produced a good run in the first Short Course A main to take third showing he’s got the speed to give the podium a shake.  Brad Witchurch also had an excellent run in the second Short Course B main taking the win in a time that would have put him mid pack in the A main.

2WD stock always produces great racing.  Jade Chandler displayed speed and consistency taking a stellar win in the second main.

1. Andrew Green (Q2)
2. Joel Toon (TQ)
3. Josh Burrows (Q4)
4. Callum Mitchell (Q5)
5. Vaughn van Asperen (Q3)

Short Course Truck A
1. Brady Anthes (Q3)
2. Calvin James (Q2)
3. Andrew Mackenzie (TQ)
4. Dean van Asperen (Q4)
5. Jade Chandler (Q6)
6. Bill van Asperen (Q7)
7. Nathan Clark (Q5)

Short Course Truck B
1. Cory van  Asperen (Q12)
2. Brad Witchurch (Q8)
3. Leo Lorenzen (Q11)
4. Tom West (Q10)
5. James Atkinson (Q14)
6. Ben Deavin (Q13)
7. Chris Madziara (Q9)
8. Andrew Eberhardt (Q15)

2WD Mod Buggy
1. Sam Wells (TQ)
2. Tim Parsons (Q3)
3. Mark Rayner (Q4)
4. Steve Madziara (Q2)
5. Justin Strickland (Q5)

2WD Stock Buggy
1. Andrew Mackenzie (TQ)
2. Jade Chandler (Q3)
3. Damien Betts (Q4)
4. Calvin James (Q2)
5. Todd Maxfield (Q7)
6. Chris Madziara (Q5)
7. Danny Tatnell (Q8)
8. Daniel Lokos (Q6)
9. Ian Scott (Q10)
DNS Sam Betts (Q9)

4WD Mod Buggy
1. Tim Parsons (Q2)
2. Damien Betts (TQ)
3. Drew Butcher (Q6)
4. Mark Rayner (Q3)
5. Daniel Lokos (Q4)
6. Zoltan Lokos (Q5)

Stadium Truck
1. Todd Maxfield (TQ)
2. James Atkinson (Q3)
3. Danny Tatnell (Q2)
4. Ian Scott (Q4)

Full results can be found here.

A reminder to all racers that all memberships are now due.  Forms are available at race control and the Launceston R/C Cup is approaching quickly so please get those entries in.  Information can be found at https://launcestonrc.com/2015 -launceston-rc-cup/.

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