AND WE’RE BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!

That’s right!! ITS ON!!!!!!
Friday night (12/06/2015), we open the doors, and have at it!!

With the final touches in place yesterday, the track is ready to go, as we fire up the computer, kick the timing loop, and run a muck this Friday night!!
It will be the start of a 4 round points series, which will put us right up to the Launnie Cup. YEP!! you heard right!! Only 4 more rounds till the Cup!!! Dam…. that came around FAST!!!!!!!!

With a Horrible start to the year for racing, no mucking around! We dive head first into a points round!!

** A few points of interest for everyone to take note of… **

The car park at the rear still has some star pickets in please from Agfest, so please, PLEASE, take care when parking, and when leaving. Hopefully they will be removed shortly, until them, please take care.

All of the tables that we have had the privilege of using, are no longer available to us. A real bummer for sure, but not much we can do about it. So PLEASE, if you have a table, bring it along until we are able to rectify this some how. Other wise you’ll be pitting on the floor.

For those traveling distance to race, we do apologise for the inconvenience, meaning extra gear to transport. We’ll do our best, to as quickly as possible to find a resolution to this issue

As normal, Doors open by 5PM

Racing to start at 7PM sharp!!!!!!

See you there!!!!!!


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