WORKING BEE 30/5/2015

Good afternoon peeps!!!!
SO!!! We now have our keys back, and we’re ready to move in!!!

We have to bring all the track back up from the back of the site, and build a new track in order to start racing back up, with the forklift and trailers, everything that was once inside, is now outside, and we need to put it BACK inside…… did that make sense?

So we’re looking for as many hands as possible this Saturday, in order to complete this task. The more hands, the better the track we can make. With the carpet and ropes to be sorted and laid out, jumps to fix and built, all to be fitted to the new track lay out.
And I’ve heard there will be some other upgrades planned, but some of them will be down to time restraints.
I believe we will also replacing the floor in the drivers stand, due to the weather getting to the floor, warping it, it needs to be replaced for safety.

So come on! The more the better. Please don’t leave it to the few that always do it, come out and give a hand, young or old, the will be something you can do to help!

Saturday morning
9:30 start
Don’t forget to bring something to eat, and to drink, due to the fact the water out there is not suitable for drinking


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