Launceston R/c Launnie Cup!!

GOOOOOOOOOOOOD news everyone!!!!!

With a good feed in our bellies, last night the committee meeting went well, with lots of plans in the works, I thought I’d get a quick update out there in regards to the Launnie Cup!

Plans are a-foot, and in motion, as we gear up for the move back in at the end of the month, new track layout, more points series to start ASAP, and the move of the Launnie Cup to AUGUST!

YEP!! we’re moving the Launnie Cup to August!

This will aid in the spread of these, as some how all three clubs have managed to roster their Cups in close proximity, and with this move of date, we’re aiming to spread them that little bit more apart in order to get better attendances to all three during the Inter Club Cup, alleviating a little on cost with a bit more time in-between, and since we’re indoors, out of the rain, wind and all weather, we are able to run in the darkness of winter with out issues.

So, what does that mean??? Keep an eye out for a confirmed date, as we’re still checking all rosters for conflicts, as we don’t want to step on anyone’s toes.

Back soon with more info!!!! Keep it shinny side up!!!!



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  1. Your all good from my Lego Clubs Expos, the closest one is in July, So i’ll be right this year!! Cheers Acko

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