This Saturday! track move in and extended race meet + BBQ

This Saturday is the move back in to our shed.

We’ll be starting at 9am, and will be moving the track back in. There is a lot of work involved in setting up a new track, so we need AS MANY people as we can to do this. More people, the better the track!!!!

With a basic BBQ lunch provided for the workers, and then practice for the workers, till race time!

The aim of the game is to have a track down and ready before 3pm in order to have an extended race meet. So instead of just 2x qualifiers, 2x mains, we’ll be looking to have something like 4x qualifiers, 3x mains or maybe more!!! (this will all be based on the time frame from when the track is finished)

Not 100% if the club is providing dinner for the racers, but the BBQ will be there, ready to go if you’d like to bring yourself something a little more special….hmmmmm STEAK!!!!!!!

So the long and the short…

-9am for the track build(lunch provided) if you want the wall ride back up, we will need the numbers to get it done on time.

-3PM, is where we’ll aim to start racing!! of course this depend on the track being build in time!!

-With extended racing, we’ll be finishing after tea, we’ll have the BBQ there ready to go, but NEED to confirm if the club is providing extra for this PLEASE WATCH THIS SPACE

If I have forgotten anything, please ask/add to the post

Post below if you are coming, so we can get it all sorted!!!!


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  1. Philip Ferguson says:

    I’ll come out to help with the track.

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