2 upcoming events, will you be coming?

Launceston RC has been invited to attend two events in coming weeks, but they are only worthwhile if you the members are coming, so here is information about both events.  If you are interested, please comment on facebook and/or on this post.

Sunday Feb 15, Tasmanian Truck Show

The truck sow was very busy last year and generated a lot of interest, but we need member numbers there to have a decent number of vehicles to display, and drivers to spend time having cars circulating on the truncated track. We will need to partially disassemble the track on the 14th, Saturday, so we will need volunteers to help then.  We will also need to completely move out after the truck show because of a full site hire of the Agfest site (National Vintage Machinery Show) so we will need helpers on sunday to pack up as well.  You of course get free entry to the show as an exhibitor and it was a fantastic day last year.

Saturday 28th Feb, Exeter Show

We have been invited by the Exeter Show Committee to stage a race at the exeter show.  We will have enough space for a full size track on a grass surface so if we can get the mobile drivers stand and take some obstacles with us it could be an excellent race meet at an outdoor venue.  This would also replace one race missed for the full site hire mentioned above.  I presume as “Exhibitors” we would gain free access to the show, so a good day for families as well as getting some outdoor racing in.

Again we need reasonable numbers in order to make this worthwhile and both events are an excellent opportunity to raise the public profile of Launceston R/C and perhaps get some new people racing.   So let us know if you are interested, talk to your mates and tallk to anybody from the committee at racing this Friday to let them know which events you can make it to.

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