Chrismas BBQ this weekend

Just a little reminder of our Christmas BBQ and family day this Saturday.

We will throw the doors up around 9.30am and fire the BBQ up around 11.45ish for lunch, and we’ll kick you out around 4-5pm

This year the club is covering ALL costs, so come one, come all, and get your track time, bashing, jumping, and rally on with us, and a FREE BBQ! Just a small thank you from your club to you, for another wonderful year of racing!

We will have snags, and basic hamburgers, cooking for all, if you feel like something else, please feel free to bring it along and throw it on the BBQ, as well as our normal canteen up and running with drinks, chippies and chocolate for sale.

The track will have the timing system up and running all day, so you can dial your times, or race your mates!! We’ll also be setting up some impromptu racing throughout the day if there is enough interest, just come and find me to set it up for you!!!

I’ll also be doing my best to setup a mini rally course outside for those interested, I know of 3 rally cars, all very keen to play!!! but the course WILL be open for all to play on of Course!!!! Its a LOT of fun!!!!!!!!!!

And with access to, well, a MASSIVE paddock, bring your bashers, nitro’s, monster trucks, over powered Short course trucks, well, ANYTHING really!! PLENTY of room, and gravel roads to run on, and again we’ll drag out some of the spare jumps for those who are chasing some air time!!!

So, a FREE lunch, open practice track, paddock, there’s a lot of fun to be had!!

Bring the kids, bring you mates, anyone that’s got an RC! Gonna be a blast!!!!!!

Hope to see you and your mates there!!!!!


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  1. I won’t be there until lunch, but if anybody is near the launceston kart track, there is used kart tyres waiting there for us to use in one of the sheds (for rally track markers 😉 )

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