October Racing Date Changes and Cup Class Update

OK, becaus of the launceston Cup the committee has decided to change the racing dates for october slightly to better sppread out the club races for hte month.  As such the racing in late September to early november will look like the below:

  • Sep 26 – LRC meet
  • October 3-5 – LRC Cup
  • October 17 – LRC meet (changed)
  • October 31 – LRC meet (changed)
  • November 14 – LRC meet

Cup entries have also reached a peak of 99 entries.  Last entries will be at racing next week, so come and se me near race control if you are still to enter and I will put them straight into the entry list.

Tne 2nd tyre order is also going ahead and will be sent off on monday morning, so get those orders in if you need any ASAP.

We have a few classes that are full, or nearly full so read below for an update on each of the classes:

2wd Short Course Stock has 22 entries, so we may run fields of 11 or 3 heats if we get more entries. OPEN FOR MORE ENTRIES

Open / 4×4 Short Course has 12 entries currently, probably I should have closed this already when it hit 10.  So 2 heats if we get more entries, otherwise we may try and cull some drivers from this race.  We don’t want to do that, but 12 on the track is too many, and we need 14 entries to run two heats. So currently POSSIBLY CLOSED for more entries.

2wd Stock Buggy has 21 entries and I have tentatively closed it at that (yes, I should have started closing classes a week ago, it’s been a busy week).  Those numbers sould be ok for 2 heats, but if we get more entries, a 3rd heat will be added. POSSIBLY CLOSED

2wd Modified Buggy has 10 entries, and baring a huge influx of new entries, is now CLOSED for more entries.

Stadium Truck is at 12 trucks and is in a similar position to 4wd SC.  We either need more entries for another heat, or we will have to cull the entries.  POSSIBLY CLOSED

Junior has 4 entries, 6 free spaces, bring on more 🙂  OPEN FOR ENTRIES

4wd Modified Buggy has 15 entries, and 5 free slots, so get your entries in.  OPEN FOR ENTRIES

4wd Stock Buggy has only 3 entries, we need at least one more to run the class at the cup, so if you want the clas to run, get your entries in.  NEEDS MORE ENTRIES

Novice over 13 has only one entry and at this stage is not going to be run, but run with the Junior class on Sunday.  Sorry lads, but Class Cancelled.

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