Schumacher Tyre Order No.2

As we have all but sold out of the spare tyres that Launceston RC bought, as well as of course all the tyres from the last order, we have decided to see if there is enough interest in another order of Schumacher tyres from Action R/C.  The prices are a little higher as we didn’t factor freight into the equation last time, so look below for the prices. Any orders fill in the sheet at Race Control, reply on this post or on facebook.

We also have 2 pairs of tyres for Mr Brooks waiting for him, and some stock of tyres still in the Launceston RC “Store” as noted below.

U6768 – SCT Mini-Pin Blue(firm) $22 per pair – Link

Stadium Truck Tyres!!!! (info from Schumacher HERE )
Mini Spike $22 per pair – Blue U6508
Micro Spike $22 per pair – Blue U6542
ST Inserts $7 per pair – U6541

Buggy Mini-pin Front Slim $14.50 per pair (2wd front) – Yellow U6609
Buggy Mini-pin Front $14.50 per pair (4wd front)- Blue U6601, Yellow U6607 (3 in Stock)
Buggy Mini-pin Rear $15.50 per pair – (2wd and 4wd Rear)  Blue U6602, Yellow U6608

Stagger $14.50 per pair (2wd front) – Yellow U6592
Cut stagger front $14.50 per pair (2wd front) – U6759
Cut stagger low profile $14.50 per pair (2wd front) – Blue U6776, Yellow U6770

Buggy Rear Inserts $4 per pair (3 in Stock)
Buggy 4wd Front inserts $4 per pair (3 in stock)
U6277 – SCT Inserts (firm) $6 per pair – Link (2 in stock)
U6541 – ST Inserts $7 per pair

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