Finalising Schumacher Carpet Tyre Order

For those that don’t know, or did not know the timelines, the Launceston R/C Tyre order is finishing THIS WEEK so that we can get the order in before the Chilli FM Launceston R/C Cup in time for people to mount tyres etc.

If you don’t remember the details, they are listed below and you can comment for orders on this page or the facebook page. We are placing the order on Friday, so we need to know before then.  The club will be purchasing some sets to stock, but they will be limited due to cost, and will be a first come first served basis, 

U6767 – SCT Mini-Pin Blue(firm) $20 per pair – Link
U6277 – SCT Inserts (firm) $5 per pair – Link

Information on Schumacher Buggy Tyres

Buggy mini-pin slim $12.50 per pair (2wd front) – Yellow U6609
Buggy Mini-pin Rear $13.50 per pair – Blue U6602, Yellow U6608
Buggy mini-pin front $12.50 per pair (4wd front)- Blue U6601, Yellow U6607
Buggies come in Blue(Firm) and Yellow(Medium)

Cut stagger front $12.50 per pair (2wd front) – U6759
Cut stagger low profile $12.50 per pair (2wd front) – Blue U6776, Yellow U6770
Stagger $12.50 per pair (2wd front) – Yellow U6592
Buggies come in Blue(Firm) and Yellow(Medium)

Buggy Rear Inserts $3.50 per pair
Buggy 4wd Front inserts $3.50 per pair
Buggy slim, 2wd front, inserts $3.50 per pair  (no inserts are recommended for the 2wd front tyres by the schumacher website)

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